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OldSkool Style map: DM-Pressure][beta [IMG]

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    OldSkool Style map: DM-Pressure][beta [IMG]

    Having just finished the 3dbuzz tutorials (big creds to 3dbuzz), I decided my 1st map would be a ground-up remake of one of my old fav UT maps: DM-Pressure. I've scaled the map up and I think its about right for the movement in UT2003.

    Here's some screenies and a download link:

    The chamber room:

    The Catwalks:

    A View from the Sniper Area:

    I'm more into gameplay and fun than pretty graphics, so the static meshes are kept to a minimum and out of the way. There's plenty of shortcuts if you know how to jump/boost dodge tho

    The map is playable with bots, but I've not finished the pathing yet so the AI is a bit predictable (especially when they queue up outside the chamber door - doh !). Any help there would be appreciated

    Here's a link to the beta map

    Comments or mirrors welcome

    there already is a remake out - and to be BRUTALLY honest this one doesnt look as good...

    whats really putting me off is the lighting - its awful, but if you tone down those lights it wouldnt look too bad...(havent d/led yet - but the screens have **** lighting)



      Doing a remake is really a great way to learn the editor.

      Just keep plugging away and learn as much as you can.

      But, there was a Pressure remake (I think Sneaky did it) that is pretty nice.

      Just keep learning as much as you can.

      My first tip to you would be to scale down the textures you're using and maybe play around with using different textures than what you are using now for the map.

      And as Scavenger said, the lighting is weirdly looking.
      scale down the brightness/radius a little or something.

      Good luck.