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DM-1on1-Derelict][ UPDATE: Beta 1 [Download] [15-10-2005]

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    DM-1on1-Derelict][ UPDATE: Beta 1 [Download] [15-10-2005]

    Name: DM-1on1-Derelict][
    Version: beta - 1
    UT2004 Deathmatch
    Forgotten and desolate, this once productive facility was thought to be of no more use to any. That was untill a Liandri Corp mining team came accoss it. Quickly adapted, it fit right into the one on one championship roster. As nicknamed by those who've shed the blood of others in this decrepid tomb of past industry, Derelict is fast becoming one of the most popular one on one venues in the tournament.
    Remake of lunaran's Lun3DM4 for Quake 3.
    Version 2 of UCMP-1on1-Derelict With bux fixes and item changes.

    Lunaran for original map.
    Sjosz for putting in lots of effort in map's creation.
    UCMP team for their support.
    <soppymoment>Wing, for her support of me during all this ;-) Love ya babe! </soppymoment>
    Beta 1 Available now! [CLICKME]

    edit wait the link is for other maps. Not out yet. It looks really good. I was ready to jump at a chance to try it. Can you make a fraps video/7.1 sound thx showing off the map? Just kidding. Looks good from what I can tell.


      Looks good so far. But you should simulate radiosity by adding a few more lights. Currently the map isn't lit enough for an outdoor atmosphere like in that skybox.


        One of the biggest issues with the first one was the framerates - hopefully it's getting addressed in the 2nd.:up:


          I had good frames with the UCMP Delerlict!! ahh well! So when it arrives, it still won't be in final... *sigh*!


            AMD XP 2800+
            nVidia GeForc FX 5900 Ultra @ 515/936 MHz

            Never had real serious framerate problems, think it has never fallen under 50 but you can defenitly notice a big drop when it goes down to 50 from about 120. Feels kinda laggy then. Don't think he can somehow change it 'cos its probably a structure problem. :noob:

            Anyway, the screens look good and I'm looking forward to play it.


              yah i have a 5200 FX and a 2.8 GHz CPU and i didn't have much probelm so i have know clue what the hell he's talking about!


                The grass area by the shock is my only problem re fps, it takes quite a huge dip because of the amount used there but the rest of the map is good.

                When you release this I'll reinstall (yet again )


                  Maybe you with stronger machines...

                  There really was FPS issue with first UCMP version... FPS were less then half of the retail small DM map. Derelict is fantastic map, but FPS should be better - the map is not sooo big. :-) I'm really looking forward to this version.

                  (To be exact... I have Sempron 2300++ and FX5700LE and FPS were in magenta colors when looking across the map from a100. No other retail DM map is so bad - even when the map is bigger.)


                    Originally posted by Mr. uglyPants
                    yah i have a 5200 FX and a 2.8 GHz CPU and i didn't have much probelm so i have know clue what the hell he's talking about!
                    The FPS do drop & vary so much that it causes an issue when playing.
                    I believe the problem lies in the amount of BSP used, or perhaps the severity of BSP cuts throughout the map - there's curved stairs with a BSP hole (or two) that can contribute to the FPS problem; there's regular stairs adding to the BSP count where perhaps a ramp could do a better job (if you use stairs, please block them).

                    A lot of trim is using BSP rather than static meshes

                    There's emitters going on - the waterfall uses 3 or 4 static meshes.

                    There's problems with getting stuck in several places, one being in water (which also seems to allow the player to float around - should not do that)

                    You could try adjusting the layout slightly (remove a route in the center, for example, so it blocks views better - it might not hurt gameplay-wise as well, so it's less open.



                      Hey all.

                      With the arrival of Derelict][ drawing near, I am going clarify how I'd like this process to work. But first:

                      Mr. uglyPants Writes
                      I had good frames with the UCMP Delerlict!! ahh well! So when it arrives, it still won't be in final... *sigh*!
                      It will be dude, Just read on!

                      OK because the map was already a complete version There will only be 2 betas. Unless, of course we find something desperatly wrong somewhere.

                      Anyone who downloads the beta(s):
                      By downloading the map you are agreeing to test the **** out of the map and not post it on a public server untill the map is released. This will prevent different versions of the map floating around.

                      I hope to have a final version realeased within 2 weeks.
                      So with all you folks' great help we can make this happen!!

                      BETA 1 Coming Saturday 15th October 2005

                      - Item layout revised.
                      - Daytime lighting.
                      - Minor bot path adjustments
                      Bug fixes:
                      - Fixed projectile not hitting the grate under supershield problem.
                      - Reduced FPS hit by shock rifle.
                      - changed meshes that unaffect gameplay to bhighdetail only

                      I am tempted to remove all the rock staticmeshes to replace it with a terrain info. I think it might make the level less FPS intensive. I would appreciate any thoughts on this option.


                        where are the rocks cause if they are near the falls... keep them, the waterfall is so awesome looking!


                          Yes they are the rocks near the waterfall that I am talking about.

                          The idea was to replace the rocks with a Terrain Info that looked as close to them as possibe.


                            Barballs, no-no on the terrain info, those vectors can only be edited vertically anyways, plus terrain'll do more damage to the framerates than these rock meshes you already have in.
                            I'll be monitoring the betas too, v2 needs to be perfect :up:


                              what he said