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    The year is 3428, 200 years after the final broadcast of Neruovision and the destruction of Liandi. With their freedom at stake once again, Malcom and the remaining warriors returned to the mines for one final battle, in the abandoned pumping station that once had supplied them with their only source of fresh water. As the power is restored and the warriors prepare for one last fight, the generators low pitched hum and overpowering stench of death give you flash backs to battles you fought in the past. The match has begun, and it is up to you to finish it once and for all.



    UnRar to your \UT2003\ folder. This map has bot paths but no weapons. If there's any interest I'll add them later. Post your comments and suggestions in this thread please!

    hum, the architecture already looks pretty nice, but you should work a bit more with the floor... it looks so...empty. Also you could work on the lighting - it has all the same tone, experiment a bit with stronger colours. but all in all nice work


      Do some pipes connection those two holes you got in the floor and put glass floor so you can walk over it and then borders around to make it look nice. Also, add some colours to the lights, make it stand out a little.. Reactor lights, smoke etc. (I am looking at the screens.. the download dosen't work for me)


        Our website was down (moved servers) but the link is active again now I just tried it to make sure. Thanks for the ideas guys!

        I know the lighting needs work, I was thinking about leaving the main and entrance rooms mostly the color they are now, but adding a blue and red tone that kind of floods from the bases into the entrance rooms.

        I didn't even think about the floor *lol* Thanks for pointing that out. The reactor has the electricity bolts spinning inside it. Smoke is cool idea though for sure.

        Any layout comments/suggestions? Thanks again for the feedback!