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    The thing is angel mapper this is a content pack. There is no mutator(s) in his 2 packages. You add them using the satore/another monster pack configuration, it's pretty much a content pack for invasion. And as far as I know it only applies to mutators.

    Would you suggest making dummy mutators just for the convenience of adding it to serverpackages? Is that even a good idea at all? :noob:


      yeah LivingTarget is right. these are more like extensions of mutators. not infact a mutator on its own. which is where the satore.ini comes in but anyway ive updated the download now to beta2 ive made it soo when you hit them it does that mirror effect you wanted


        Dont want to drive you 'mad' but there's no Giantgasbag and skaarjSniper/trooper
        With them they are all complete :-) except for the nali, behemoth and elite mercenary's but you don't see any difference on normal mercenary's and elite anyway.


          hehe i thought about making the giant gasbag cus i love it...but wasnt sure it was worth it.. do you want me to make it? also i thought about the sniper but it might be really difficult to tell which skaarj sized thing is sniping u. again if u want him i can make him . just let me know for beta 3. and yeah also thought about the elite krall and merc too but therse no real difference soi didnt do them. ah yes the nali's , me and my friend talked about them for some time. and we thought in the end that they would be really annoying lol. but again if u say u want it ill make it also how bout the nali cows and rabbit?


            It's your work so i don't say you must make things for me.
            but yes i like Big Giant Gasbags too, i have a gasbag wave on my server with giant gasbags, linkgasbags etc would be nice if there where big bad Ghost/metal gasbags too.
            nali's skaarjtroopers, rabbits and cows are annoying i agree on that.
            But it makes the package complete

            Thanx for the nice monster addon anyway


              k il do the giantgasbag and sniper and maybe even nali's just to make it complete


                Those look nice man! :up:

                But why don´t you create your own monsters? Like a biological cyborg spider with two powerful miniguns and a powerful gun that shoots a shock beam that creates a photonic explosion on impact? Kind of a boss.

                And many more ideas, like a normal human-like robot that generates a shield around the area you´re shooting at. The shield takes away alot of the intended damage.

                This could be like a project for a team.

                But I´ll definately try out these new skins because I love Invasion.


                  this is just a gold,metal and ghost pack, to extened the metal skaarj more, cus its the best

                  ok uploaed betav3 and updated download linky (look in readme for new classnames) no new screenies of the new monsters, sorry. but use your imagination by looking at the others lol

                  ive made gold/metal and ghost versions of the GiantGasBag,Nali,NaliFighter,NaliCow,NaliRabbit and SkaarjSniper

                  (snipers shieldlooks wierd lol!! )

                  the Rabbits arent so friendly anymore, so pay them respect!!

                  and the nalifighters now have default weapons set to these:

                  biorifle,shieldgun,rocketlauncher,assaultrifle,sni perrifle,shockrifle,linkgun,flakcannon,
                  minigun,redeemer (improved ) and ion painter. so be nice to them too

                  enjoy :heart:


                    if possible, .... plz rename the new versions to avoid filemismatches ^^
                    thxx again ..... i love them !!!!! :noob:


                      Thnx Misty!
                      yeah your right. sorry this is hopefully last one tho but if it is not i will rename the next one ...beta.. and then when the final is done i will remove beta bit form the file name . if that make sense



                        ok new version and sorry misty. i started to rename them when i was makign them again. but it would take me ages to go through all the classes and rename it all. and you woul dhave to rename your satore too so dont put them on your server yet until final is done ill email ya is all i can think of really... but pls let me know what you think and any feedback or bugs

                        in this version i changed the nalis back to having the 3 default weapons and instead i will tell you the line to add to satoremonsterpack.ini to get the new redeemers working. (there really cool. HINT: shoot one :P)

                        ok in satoremonsterpack.ini put the following (if it isnt there then create it. you must have the ghost ones in your system folder for it to work.)


                        i want to put them all in one package but cant think of a good name that would describe both the Ghost ones and the Metal ones. any ideas anyone? :heart: :heart:


                          name of monsterpack

                          thx INI !! ^^
                          but there's one thing ... in order to put them on a redirect server, it's necessary that they all have different names, even the final version. We have now beta2 on redirect server, and all players who have the beta2 in cache (from downloading) will get a filemismatch.
                          It was a similar thing with the Wehtam pack .... many players could not play on our server because he put the same name for version 1 and 2. At the moment where he put out version 3 with a different name, the problem was solved ^^ and players from other servers could join again (they could not due to a bad filemismatch)
                          sorry to bug you again


                            omg nooo do not put them on redirect site yet pls just put them in your server packages.... it means when i release the final (with same name) i gotta go emailing them guys and ask them to remove the wrong ones and they always mess it up ... :cry: lol

                            i always thought you only got version mismatch if you extracted the system files. and if it was in your cache then it didnt matter. because in mine i hav hundreds with the same name for about 15 different mods, from a couple of servers :bulb:

                            can you think of a good name misty for final pack. ill put both files in one and then people wont get mismatch


                              final version in the Final Releases section