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    Strange... I've had no problems...!



      Yeah turrets do seem to own maps atm

      Which was not what they where intended for...

      I think adding ammo limits is a good step

      Also i want to set turret limits per map

      Some small maps may only need 1 turret whilst bigger maps could have 1-2

      Ive played several times where we have won ground where defenders have fallen back to find they have built turrets along each side :bored:

      Vehicles however would make it much more fun against turrets


        next time you are in one like Refinary, go and stand just on and behind a rock for cover, and shoot at people and such, and then try to move, then switch to 3rd person and see your foot is stuck.

        edit: reproduced:
        and the redeemer:
        Crouching on the rock seems to trigger it, i could 'feel' it jolt a bit when i crouched, and then i couldnt move.

        edit2: fixed linkz


          The getting stuck on rock thing looks like a collision issue. Like when you have a "V" shape ditch in the ground where the sides of the V are too steep to climb; if you fall in you'll get stuck.

          Well maybe not the second picture...


            This mod seriously needs some sort of sprint function (with sprint bar of course) or something to vary the speed more.


              Good idea, if you post it over at their Beyondunreal forums under suggestions, it might be included in 1.1.
              w00t, more maps are on the way!


                Like, how many are we talking? 3? 4? 10?


                  I think its around 3 possibly. 2 are guarenteed, and the egypt one looks great.



                    Egypt... I just thought of DM-Sweetdeath with Defense Alliance... :bulb: 'drool'


                      *drools* New 3rd party map released over at their forums on BU, its very polished.