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Positions open on TTR 2004

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    Positions open on TTR 2004

    The Third Reich team is looking to fill in a few more positions on the team:

    - 2D Design: mostly skinning, unwrap knowledge is preferred but not necessary
    - 3D Design: experience with either Maya or 3DS Max is preferred, line of work will be mainly player models, static meshes and/or vehicles. Unwrap knowledge is preferred.
    - 3D Animations: experience with either Maya or 3DS Max.
    - Sound engineer: will be in charge of a wide variety of sound effects.
    - Coding: more specifically we are looking for an "environment and effects programmer". Who will work closely with our level designers to create things like exploding trees, artillery, NPC tanks, planes etc.

    Anyone who is interested should send a mail to, a portfolio is preferred, if you do not have one you’ll be asked to create some kind of sample, so we can evaluate it.

    The Third Reich team will be updating the website soon to shed some more light on the new project. The update will include some new screenshots of our existing level as well as an introduction to the newest level under construction.

    I'd also like to invite everyone to come and register on our forums, where you can read and discuss TTR with our community, aswell as get first hand information on the project via the development logs posted by team members there.
    Registered forum members also get priority when it comes to beta testing aswell, this to reward the active posters

    Also visit our irc channel:Server: Channel: #ttr