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DM-NoName ALPHA pics, download UPDATED 10/15

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    DM-NoName ALPHA pics, download UPDATED 10/15

    Name: DM-Nonameyet
    Version: 4
    Compatibility: UT2K4
    Comments: K. This is my SECOND attempt at a DM/TDM map. After my first attemp, I realized I was totally headed in the wrong direction, decided to study other maps, and went at it again. I thank soma alot for my inspiration. Anyway, I now post my alpha/beta, whatever, for you guys. I'd like to know what people think, and would love some nice feedback/help regarding weapons/item layout, player spawns. Right now, I'm REALLY experimenting with lighting, trying to understand how it works, and see what works best for this map. It's definitely not final by no means, and if you guys have any help/tips regarding the lighting, it'd be very much appreciated. I wanted this to be suitable for 4v4/5v5 TDM, but I think it may a bit too small. Some areas are really plain right now as well, and there is bot support.

    Credits: me, my clan for kind of helping, isaac izzik wadlund
    Homepage: no

    I have NO name for this map, so I simply named it "regweapons" for now, ha.

    Looks pretty good downloading now


      Hmmmm maybe some static mesh lamps so those orange things have a source, but thats just from looking at the screens, I'll report back later. Looks good though :up:


        Thanks. Yeah, I'm focusing more on gameplay right now. I already know what light meshes I wanna use for those orangish lights. Thanks so far.



          Layout looks good, some nice z-axis is possible.
          But the green texture is used a bit too much imo.

          anyway, keep working on it Think final will be great


            As far as the name, it feels like you're inside a huge river dam, maybe follow that theme with the name.

            Textures are scaled really large most people scale down there textures to 0.35 or 0.25 depending on the texture.

            I was also going to add that the orange and other colored lights with no source look good but really need a source of where the light is coming from.

            All and all good layout and flow, looking forward to seeing how it progresses.


              look good from the screens. will give it a try when i get home.

              reminds me of saiko when i started :P

              keep up the good work shockrifle!:up:


                thank you soma. thanks for all the feedback so far everybody.

                a5 is here. i made some pretty noticable changes to the layout. changed around some weapon placements, messed with the lighting just a tad and placed some meshes for sources, but like i said I'm not really concerned about details at this moment. one thing i forgot to mention is the map is NOT zoned, so it may run a tad slaggish on lower end pc's. but next version will be zoned.

                one of my concerns right now is the scale of the map. sometimes i feel the players appear too small in the map. i don't know, maybe it's just me being all paranoid. i also don't want it to feel too spammy, but playing with bots, it's hard to determine really. :-\

                here's the link.



                  a7. play map, and help test/provide feedback. or does my name have to be soma?



                    No but you could have started a new thread and got my attention faster.

                    It's not your fault it's just that so many old threads get replied to "bumped" for no reason around here and I tend to ignore old threads that pop up after a while.

                    Downloading now!




                        Still playing really great. I'd like to start seeing light fixtures in the next release I could have waited for these changes to have the point lights have some kind of source, but foremost you do have a solid layout and very fun map. That's very important and I appreciate the fact that your focus is on that.

                        Nice map, can't wait to see how she progresses.


                          I really think you've got a good layout here m8.
                          I think you can start decorating now


                            The layout flows well...


                              tips on lighting seems you've got the bsp work bang on..

                              Lights always have several light sources. Depending on how you like doing your lights, your'll have a corona (the glowy thing) generally i set radius & brightness both to 0. Then the next light (this could be your 1st depends on corona) is your brightest light, a high brightness like 80-100 maybe high saturation (this depends on how strong you want the colour) and a low radius say 20-30. The next light is what i call the "general" light, this gives the light its colour and normal radius. Its brightness for me is usually 3-10 units lower than the main light, the sat is about 5 units lower & the radius is about 5-10 units higher. The final light is purely the radius light. It generally has a lower brightness and sat but a much higher radius.
                              When making lights just look at a car light, corona at the source with a very strong light, evenly lit around the light with the light itself fading outwards.

                              I hope that helps.

                              btw- for spotlights your'll want to use a spotlight actor.