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DM-Forbidden Temples

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    DM-Forbidden Temples

    Dm-Forbidden Temples

    Beta v. 1

    Unreal Tournament 2004

    Explore through the vast desert to wage battle through the many rooms in the Forbidden Temple, and use your favorite ONS vehicles to annihilate your enemies.

    This is my first level for 2k4 and would greatly appreciate any help that you guys can give me

    Screen 1
    Screen 2
    Screen 3

    Special thanks to the for all the help on the level.


    DM-Forbidden Temples

    Looks fine, Downloading!


      I am a fan of ancient egypt, but sadly this levels is just wrong, wrong in every way...


        Good... I look for nice vDM levels... nice job.:up:



          Carefull sage , i think Indiana Jones has an

          Nice looking map by the way.


            Originally posted by bot_deform
            I am a fan of ancient egypt, but sadly this levels is just wrong, wrong in every way...
            Hmmm, maybe if you were to tell him what was wrong?

            I'm gonna D/L, but from what I can see from the screens, you're headed in the right direction, especially for your first 2K4 map. Some pieces look somewhat simplistic, but a few more meshes could fix that right up.


              If this is his first ut2k map how about some encouragement?
              How about pointing out some area's where he could make improvements.

     could try setting the cull distances on some of the smaller meshes for increase of frame rate if needed.
              You could try making a subclass of emitter and pasting in the details for the torche emitters your using all over your level so they are all instances of the same class running off default properties. Im not sure how much memory this will save you (could be hardly

              Your using static meshes in your skybox, if you really wanted to strip things to the bone it would be more efficiant to generate a panoramic picture in a 3d package like bryce5 and use a single 'skydome' type static mesh.

              If you are going to use static meshes in your skybox make sure all the collision is set to false as they dont need it.

              Considering the amount of bsp geometry (820) brushes you have
              a suprisingly low Poly To Node Ratio 2.38:1.
              I could be wrong but im sure thats bang on.


                Okay, i like this Map very much...

                +Map Quality
                +Bot Pathing
                -Usage of Vehicles
                -Gamesplay (because of the Vehicles?)

                Better Details of Bugs later


                  1) I think a 2000 year copyright is a little bit of overkill.
                  2) your torches need to damage if you stand in the fire, or land a craft on them.
                  3) your blocking volumes need work
                  4) i jumped high enough to run into the edge of your map using a manta.
                  5) too many pyramids.
                  6) I think you should go with Roman/Greek or Egyptian, but not both.
                  7) the attack craft on this map is a nono
                  8) using a ton of torches should mean you dont have electric lights in your map.
                  9) I found your weapons locker and instinctually thought that I would be able to pick up any of those weapons.
                  10) my attack craft got stuck in a doorway. and it almost got stuck between two cliffs.