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    Originally posted by GalloPinto

    1.) No damage to the vehicles. Obviously UT2004 does have capability for this, so you should use it.
    Already fixed, next release within a few weeks.

    Originally posted by GalloPinto

    2.) No engine sounds. Even if you use the engine sounds from the scorpion and hellbender it'll be better than nothing
    You obviously do not have your sound high enough

    Originally posted by GalloPinto

    3.) Crappy physics. It seemed to me like they'd actually changed the physics to make unwheel, and it certainly didn't help. Driving the normal UT2004 vehicles is more fun than UnWHeel, really.. So son't fool with physics too much.
    We only sped it up.

    Originally posted by GalloPinto

    4.) when your vehicle turns over, there's way to turn it back in UnWheel. Sometimes it'll reset, but 90% of the time it won't. With yours, you can just have the driver pop out like you do in UT, press E to turn it over, and get back in.
    You can full reset you know if you're completely stuck, and both those methods are actually faster. Because sometimes the E button doesn't always work.

    Originally posted by GalloPinto

    In all honesty I don't think there's any reason why that couldn't be way better than Unwheel. If you want, you could probably even use some UnWheel tracks and vehicles while playtesting the gametype.
    Not without permission from I and the other devs. Although we probably would grant it if you asked nicely

    Please don't take this as a flame, this is a sincere answer to all these suggestions. I saw the pic and assumed it was a compilation of hell-bender and scorpian race-maps. Kinda knee-jerky I guess, and so I apologize. His idea of a sandy race is quite nice compared to "teh concrete slabs in outa space!!111OneOneOne", it has complex geometry for one thing.


      Sorry to offend, I didn't concider that someone from the UnWheel dev team would read

      About your maps, I meant that they could be used for playtesting, while the programming aspects are being worked out. That way, if the project was discontinued, time would not have been wasted on modelling. I did not mean that your maps should be redistributed with this new racer project. Sorry about that.


        Once againmy apology in advance to nikos, cause I've got one more complaint.

        In Unwheel, when you drive a large vehicle, it shows up larger onscree, so that if you drive the huge dumptruck all you can see is the inside of the bed.

        It is fine for a miniscukle vehicle to be small onscreen and a huge on to look large, but that's a bit awkward. Perhaps it could be coded to work like other ut2004 vehicles, like how when you get in that huge thing..behemoth or something it's called, it looks normal size and the people look like ants. I love that.

        Jolly good including a dumptruck, though, nikos, it would definately be my vehicle of choice.

        Oh yeah, and about the physics engine.. I undertsand that it's often anissue of personal taste.


          Boo Hoo I can't get the racer to work! It doesn't show up in my gametypes...


            I've been gone for a while...

            First off, my email's can send watever for unreal racer to there), the difference between my gametype and Unwheel is that unwheel is for cars, not anything like mine is, you see, mine is more open minded. Besides i cant get unwheel to work. Like some people cant get mine to work. I have no idea why it wont work for others but i tested on my computer by deleting all my UnrealRacer stuff then downloading it and installing it and it worked fine. I'm not the "best" modder ever, in fact, when i first made this, i didnt even know wat javascript was. Tho i took some lessons on the basics.... any way im gonna try to get someone else who's better at it and have em take a look at it. You see, this is basicly my test at first, but it turned out so good i decided to make it better. Besides this having much more options for racing, this has much more options for modding, make racing boats or awesome cars or better planes and others. Just remember, if you dont like Unreal Racer, you dont have to download it or anything, so i dont see the point in these :down: replies.


              Originally posted by GalloPinto
              Once againmy apology in advance to nikos, cause I've got one more complaint.

              In Unwheel, when you drive a large vehicle, it shows up larger onscree, so that if you drive the huge dumptruck all you can see is the inside of the bed.
              It's not offending to post problems, it's constructive help , I was just pointing out some over-looked facts, is all.

              You can zoom out the camera by using the mousewheel.


                thanks, nikoS. I've currently uninstalled UnWheel, I'll put it back on when the next release comes out.

                And I have an answer as to why these mods don't work

                When I instaled Unwheel, it gave an error message after the loading screen came up, botting me onto the desktop. This was fixed by installing the latest patch from the atari site. I think I found a link in the UnWheel discussion, can't really remember. Anyway that fixed it up.

                I don't know how or why unreal racer gametype doesn't show up, but I got around it by typing "open unr-raceofthehellbender" in the console. Very simple really, it 's just hard to remember the names of the maps..

                I know it's possible to edit the scorpion, I have a VCTF map in which the mapper modded it to launch rockets. I would say then, that it would be just as simple for you to remove all it's armament and use it for racing. it'd be a little more exciting than the hellbender.

                Another Idea- team racing, 3 players per team. Perhaps there's a way you could make it use like 5 teams and have 5 hellbender driving around, each with a driver and two gunners. You's probably have to devise a way to pick up health for the vehicle by driving over item-pickups.

                One more thing.. If you're modding the scorpion, you may as well pick up the texture and just change the colour, (hue/saturation adjustment in photoshop) (BTW nikoS) I'm suggesting that 'cause I really liked the way UnWheel did it)

                It's an obvious problem in UnrealRacer that the bots don't even get in a vehicle, but even in UnWheel they can't drive worth ****. I'd beat a race before they were even a quarter of the way along. They were good in CTF though, that was hard enough for me.

                I JUST WISH I COULD PLAY ONLINE :cry:
                i can't....... for..reasons..... that I won't go into.


                  Our bots are rubbish, tis true. But not for want of trying our coder shrimp (leader and founder of teh mod) has spent roughly 1 month of work coding various types of AI system and none of them have worked very well, atm. we're using default Epic-made road-path nodes, and we may have to code a subclass of that in thefuture, but atm. Shrimp doesn't reckon it's truly important because we have the servers to play on (it gets busy between 9 and 12PM GTM on sundays (Sunday night burnout event) and sometime early in teh morning GMT on saturday - check the forums for the exact times.)

                  although I'd like to see it done. Still, next release there will be a use for singleplayer because you'll be able to save your times to our website and we'll have an in-game menu for checking the fastest lap-times and trying to beat them.

                  Thst'll be fun.

                  keep working on this mod mate, and if you get AI racing well (anomaly had great racing AI, wish we knew how they did it...) then I will have to steal your code, jk.


                    thanks for telling me about the awesome action I'm missing out on..
                    it makes me feel a lot better:sour:



                      I'm looking for a debugger or something to help fix this not showing up in the gametype thing, and unless you haven't look under custom gametypes, this needs to be fixed. I want someone to take a look at my code by putting the file in your documents and opening it with either wordpad or notepad and look thro it, if there's anything that i missed, then tell me. If it's a different problem, then tell me wat i should do. Remember i am an amature at coding and lots of things i cant do that well.


                        Problem solved?

                        I think i have solved the problem by sacrifising a little of your time. All you have to do is after installing the other files (the map and the u file) you must put the UnrealRacer folder in the C:/UT2004 folder. Visit my site to redownload.


                          I'm back!

                          I've finally figured out the problem, no int file, i added it and now it's playable.


                            Please don't use freewebs. You make my eyes hurt, and my computer and internet connection die. If you need, i'll PM you a very nice free generous webhost that you can use, with enough space to hold all your mods. If you dont want to go that far, i'll just mirror it for you