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Troopers: Dawn of Destiny Media Update

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    Troopers: Dawn of Destiny Media Update

    Name: Troopers: Dawn of Destiny
    Version: 5.048 or so ........ IR's are fun
    Compatibility: Latest UT2k4 patch
    Description: Star Wars mod, I"m tired of writing the full description
    Comments: Letting everybody know what we are up to

    As you know, the Troopers team is hard at work changing Troopers: Dawn of Destiny into something the team can be proud of. We feel we’ve been quiet long enough and its time you heard some details about things we’ve already accomplished since our last update.

    Fullscreen map:
    You can bind a key in input settings to toggle a full screen. In input controls / Hud, set Toggle FullScreen Map to a key.

    3D Iron Sights
    Version 5.0 had 2d texture iron sights. We now have 3d iron sights instead.

    Fly By Camera
    In this next patch you can bind a key to toggle a fly by camera while in fighters. Input Settings / Miscellaneous / Fighter Flyby Camera

    Camera Effects
    If you have a D3D device you will see camera blurring when you are in vehicles traveling at high speeds.

    Injured Effects
    You will also get blurring from explosives. In addition to motion blurring, your camera will start wobbling and you will hear breathing. This worsens as your health drops. Your accuracy will deteriorate and you will really hope a medic is nearby

    Air Strikes
    Scouts can call in Air Strikes using their binoculars on the 3rd mode at any zoom level. Cycle to the third mode, and then press the use key. You must stay focused in one spot for 2-3 seconds. If a successful strike is called in, Tie bombers will fly overhead devastating the target. Rebels will be able to use Y-Wings.

    PLX Rocket Launcher
    The Gunner now carries a PLX rocket launcher. This weapon was first seen in the clone wars and has become the standard in Imperial anti vehicle weaponry.

    Bolt Whizzing Effects
    If a bolt comes near you, you will hear a whizzing sound effect as it flys by.

    Foot prints
    Soldiers leave foot prints on dirt / sand / snow materials

    Instant Death Range
    When you are very close to an enemy, single bolts are lethal

    Speeder Bike First Person Camera
    There is a new FP speeder bike camera

    Scaled Fighters
    If a map is in fighters only, we use scaled fighters for larger size maps.

    Basic Vehicle AI
    Implemented a very basic vehicle AI system

    Implemented turbo lasers. If the designer has set them up with a station, you can cycle thru turbolasers using mouse scroll (or whatever previous weapon and next weapon is bound to )

    New X-Wing Model
    A huge improvement over the old

    New Vehicle Engine effects
    Fighters in flight will never look better.

    New Fighters
    - YT-2100 Light Freighter (with turrets)
    - A-Wing Fighter
    - Tie Bomber
    - Y-Wing Bomber
    - TIE-Interceptor
    - Lambda Class Shuttle

    - Added gunner seat ( 2 person vehicle )
    - Invulnerable to light blaster fire
    - Added camera shake to walking
    - New first person camera

    And these are just the first steps in our journey. We have additions almost nightly. The mapping team is hard at work converting many of our older maps into our Objective system as well as creating new maps (they want help, so if you think you got the stuff, feel free to apply). We have done this as we have removed the TDM and CTF gametypes from Troopers, keep in mind that these are not straight map conversions, just using the same assets.

    Our vehicles are also getting many new features or reworked ones that were removed before earlier releases. Such as shields, and the lock on system for proton torpedoes. Expect to see vast improvements in this area.

    The modeling team is hard at work with new vehicles, new weapons, and fixing up our older weapons to work with 3d iron sights. We are hard at working getting all the content in game, and then we will switch over to full scale gameplay reworking. We are starting by making a few changes as we go along, but we haven’t focused on that section yet. We know it is the most in need of work and want to dedicate time to it all by itself. But expect a better looking, better playing Troopers: Dawn of Destiny next time around.

    Now to top it off with some media. The new X-wing, the new Y-wing, the TIE-Bomber and the first person view on the speeder (keep in mind those hands are being replaced).







    I want it so badly. The previous versions were okay, but this one.... OMG. :up:


      when next version coming ??

      mmmm I cant wait ! when post download link ?
      please Zip file too thank you :heart: :up:


        It's not quite available yet, but we still have openings for beta testers if anyone is interested.


          OMG! Star...Wars...= los pwn...


            Very nice looking!


              i know a guy he's such a fan about star wars, he know EVERYTHING about it.
              he could be your best/worst criticizer ever. (i'll give him my second UT2004 copy once i see him)

              looks awsome anyway TBFH


                Looks awesome.. fighters are much more detailed. :up: