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something different - Bobodinga [beta, pics]

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    something different - Bobodinga [beta, pics]

    Hi there everyone, I've been lurking awhile. Bobodinga is something I've been working on while learning the unreal tools. I hope this is an appropriate place to post it - if not I'd appreciate suggestions of where else might be good. And I hope somebody out there finds it interesting!

    It's a single-player, 3rd-person, mini (1-level) mod. Simple and quiet. Run, jump, and solve a puzzle.

    Check out the screenies and if you like something a bit different please give it a try. Comments appreciated, esp. constructive ones

    DL from:

    Name: Bobodinga
    Version: beta 1.02
    Compatibility: UT2K4 with patch 3355, PC only
    Description: a single-player, 3rd-person, mini (1-level) mod. Run, jump, and solve a puzzle.
    Credits: mostly a 1-man effort with the major exception of the characters - from UDN example model by Tom Lin of Demiurge. Also some textures and sfx from berneyboy’s photorealistic texture pack;; and
    Homepage / Download:

    I think the atari forum is the perfect place to post. I also think its that good you should post it here you will get seen by games Companies and stuff.


      Cool - will do Richyb


        Re: something different - Bobodinga [beta, pics]

        Originally posted by Joefish
        Tom Lin of Demiurge.
        Those guys rock!



          hmmmm.... looks abit interesting. i must try this!


            Originally posted by Juggalo_Kyle
            hmmmm.... looks abit interesting. i must try this!
            I agree +1


              I tried to play it... I couldn't spawn. :bulb:


                Originally posted by Discord
                I tried to play it... I couldn't spawn. :bulb:


                  I spawned, but I can't figure out the very last part.

                  EDIT: Figured it out. Great mod. Can't wait for the next one :up:


                    Just finished it,

                    This is great, I loved it. Finally a mod that has something differn't from the usual fighting.

                    I loved how music was used.

                    :up: :up:

                    2 tumbs up.


                      Couldn't spawn, ****e! Sorry about that! I'll do some testing.

                      Bobfungus -- probably the most obscure thing that isn't hinted at adequately -- is that clicking rapidly causes most but NOT ALL moving objects to toggle direction. Hope that helps?

                      EDIT - OK Bobf guess you didn't need that clue, thx for the feedback, REALLY glad you enjoyed it, I'll be working on part 2 soon.

                      Also, non-spawners, are you running patch 3355 on a PC? At first glimpse I can't reproduce but I'll keep at it.

                      Thanks for trying everyone, I'll work on that spawn problem.


                        The great thing about this puzzle is that the answer is right there.


                          First of, i love the mod. Its about time someone made something a little different, and to top it of its only 12mb and not the average 220+mb you get with other mods. :up: :up: :up:

                          There is a few things that i think needs work. For one the player sounds are a load of poo, you need to grab a mic and start jumping around, be as lound as you like really let rip.The skybox needs to be seamless and a few textures need to be changed, i.e the floor texture is a little to bright/white for my liking. Also the terrain just does,nt fit with the level.

                          But its is only a beta...

                          PS I,m Liking the "easy on the ear" music that comes with each note you pickup, real class. :up: :bulb: :up:

                          edit: Had know idea you where a noob at unreal scripting, there's hope for me. How long did it take to learn unrealED scripting, any tips on how to begin a TC would be a help....


                            bot_deform - glad you enjoyed it! Some questions for you when you've got time:

                            - The player sfx (walk/jump/argh) are default UT2K4 sounds. Is the problem they don't seem to fit, volume wrong, or?
                            - 'Skybox needs to be seamless' - are you referring to the fact that, at certain view angles, one of the ocean layers gets cut off? (I need to fix that!) Or something else?
                            - (Yeah the floor texture is a bit blasted out, I was going for Greek islands glare, maybe a bit much.)
                            - Any suggestions re. better terrain? Would color or brightness change do the trick for you?

                            About doing unrealscript: I had done scripting and simple programming in the past, so flow control wasn't a problem for me, but I'd never done object oriented programming. That took me about a month of banging-my-head before it sank in. I spent a lot of time on the wiki, UDN site, & forums. Biggest hurdles for me were figuring out where to get my code started (answer: a custom object's PostBeginPlay function), how to communicate between objects (answer: use iterator functions on object startup to find and store references to other objects), and how to reference variables up and down the class tree (answer:

                            About doing a TC: Well, I hacked my way through. Went from mutator to gametype to mod as I figured out what I needed. The key ingredients for me were custom gametype, playercontroller, and HUD classes. (You can see all my hideous code in the BoboCode dir.) Then you can make those your default classes via your .ini files. Once you setup your mod in its own directory (, a lot flows from there. Obviously a lot more than I can begin to touch here. But, there is hope!


                              that was pretty cool. is the mod going to be surrounded in mealody and harmony?

                              it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to open "this way"