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    Deathball 2.3

    Name: Deathball 2.3
    Version: 2.3
    Compatibility: UT2004

    Deathball 2.3 is a pure sports game that has been under developement for over 2 years. Originally started in 2003, it has firmly rooted itself in 2004 and is a great game to play. A mix of football, soccer, and hockey, Deathball is a unique game unlike any other. Truely addicting and hard to master, Deathball offers fun to all ages and players. With organized pickup games, and even a working league, Deathball awaits new players eager to play.

    North American and European players will all enjoy deathball. Being a North American myself, and a member of the UFO Deathball team, I'd like to welcome you NA players to UFO's Public Deathball server (Deathball:// Also, be sure to check out BuD public server as well (Deathball:// For those euros who can't find a full server or like to stay up late, you're welcome as well.

    North American players can get to know the community better, and play arranged pickup games, by joining channel #dbmixer . I strongly suggest you check out some of the guides (which I'll talk about in a minute) and play public servers for a bit
    before you start to play pickup games - the level of play is much higher and a general knowledge of the game is expected from those that play them. However, many claim that pickup games show Deathball's "true gameplay." Spectating pickup games (also referred to as "mixers") is highly recommended for new players. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

    Likewise, european players can play pickup games on channel #dbpickup . It's easy to get confused with the NA channel, but don't hesitate to ask - people will help if you show respect .

    Deathball homepage:
    Direct link to download:
    Link to the North American Deathball League:
    Link to training video for new players and other guides (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!):

    So - install and give it a whirl! I'm also willing to help out new players that want to learn. Come to channel #clan-ufo and I'll see what I can do. Please, check out the guides and training video beforehand, though.

    Doubtful about Deathball? Check out the trailer! (requires divx 5.11)

    Installation notes: Install from the .exe like normal, but make sure you run the game from its own shortcut or directly from the folder
    ("C:\UT2004\Deathball\Play Deathball.cmd" is my shortcut link). You need to run it this way because it is a stand alone mod - while picking it as a gametype from the list will work, starting it by itself offers maximum enjoyment and features.

    Forswear your trepdation my fellow UT2004ers, and endorse this noble mod.

    I invite you to my server, details in my sig.


      Already have this mod, and i must say something.

      Everyone download! This rules!


        Originally posted by Da Spadger
        Already have this mod, and i must say something.

        Everyone download! This rules!


          Direct download forbidden. :cry:

          Edit: Ok from the home page. :bulb:


            Meh, I liked one of the older versions fro UT2k3.
            There's just something about the simplicity of hammer teammate and/or ball downfield and try to shoot it past the enemy goalie as opposed to hammer to this teammate who will hammer it to this other teammate who hammers it to yet another who desperately attempts to hammer it into the goal which still is no guarantee that it will work cuz the goalie can pound your **** into mush if you get within 20ft of the goal