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    GMK: Liberation

    I've had this single player mod idea in my head for quite some time now, which is based around the Gen Mo'Kai. I'm not really planning on actually going through with it (as I can only map, and I'd need more ppl to do it), but I'm going to post it anyway just to see what you ppl think of it.

    The Gen Mo'Kai homeworld (Arborea?) has been colonized by humans decades ago, and the once so beautifull green planet is starting to become a big industrial planet like earth, and a lot of Gen Mo'Kai have been made slaves by the humans to work in their factories and mines. Among the GMK (=Gen Mo'Kai) population, a resistance force is quickly growing, and you are one of the elite warriors, who once fought in the Tournament. As an all-out war starts on Arborea between the poorly armed GMK and humans, you have to finish several campaigns, each campaign being made up out of several missions.

    Campaign 1: War begins
    You have to take out several small military targets, such as a communication center, a radar facility, a transport center and a powerplant.

    Campaign 2: Isolation
    You have to steal a human spaceship, and then fly it to the orbiting human space station, which is the only thing capable of communicating with Earth. There you must find a way to destroy the space station, and get the hell out of there before it blows.

    Campaign 3: Clear sky
    To prevent human transports from landing on the surface, you have to take control of several defence platforms on the planet surface, to shoot down these ships.

    Campaign 4: Deep Space
    You again use the spaceship, this time to dock with a human transport ship carrying a huge stockpile of weapons. Your goal is to take over the ship, so it can be used for the GMK cause. When a small figher attacks the unarmed transport after you've taken control, you manage to teleport onto their ship, and must take out their crew before your transport ship is destroyed.

    Campaign 5: Domination
    You have to get into the largest military complex on Arborea, and place explosives on several key places to weaken the human army. After this, you must escape from the man hunt that is trying to kill you.

    Campaign 6: Doomsday
    An enemy ship has entered the Arborea solar system. This single ship can destroy a whole continent when it fires, and your goal is to take it out before it reaches Arborea. Again, you attempt to dock your ship, but this time it seems the enemy ship is being protected by too much enemy ships to just do that. In a desperate attempt, you manage to fly your ship straight trough a weak cargobay door, and enter the ship that way. You have to place an explosive in the core of the ship to disable it, and then you teleport onto the smallest enemy ship of the fleet. You have to take control of this ship, and fly it back to Arborea.

    Campaign 7: Final Assault
    As a last desperate attempt to keep Arborea in human hands, the remaining human forces are launching an assault on several GMK bases. You have to help defend one. When the assault has been succesfully stopped, you go out of the base to hunt down the commanding human general on Arborea, which is suspected to be in the region.


    It uses mainly normal UT2003 weapons, and perhaps a few new GMK ones.

    The enemies are all human, so it could be possible just to make new skins for the UT2003 models. Otherwise, someone will have to make new models. In the last campaign, it'd be cool if the enemy had vehicles too (tanks)

    I also think a co-op mode would be cool.