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Crotch Shot Pro Version 2

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    Crotch Shot Pro Version 2

    Name: Crotch Shot Pro
    Version: 2
    Compatibility: UT2004

    L7 & Bobby Sands (UT2004)
    endgame00 & nubneck (UT99)
    Announcer sounds by nubneck

    Description: This mutator adds crotch shot capability to the lightning gun and sniper rifle. A crotch shot, naturally, has devastating results for the recipient. Three crotch shots without dying will make you a Crotch Master. Five crotch shots without dying, and you will achieve Crotch Domination!


    ZIP - zip install
    UT4MOD - ut4mod install

    LOL! This is Funny!


    Very Original Idea!




      Kick ***! Good to see this UT99 classic return! :up:

      Btw, it looks like crotch shots gib players? Personally I'd rather have them 'jump up', scream gheyly & drop dead. This is a standard death sequence, also used by the BloodLoss mut (see sig). Speaking of which... it would be kinda neat if the two muts were combined so that crotch shots cause (configurable) bloodloss/sec., until the player either heals himself or bleeds to death (and does his ghey routine). Could be added as a bonus option or whatever.


        How about showing "Crotch Shots" in the Personal Stats Screen?

        Nice Idea, 4TX4! :up:


          Classic. :up:

          It should only work on male models for realism sakes, though that might be a stupid idea.


            Awsome mut but i have a couple of sugestions

            1. like *gR* said can you make it display crotch shots on the stats screen? if you can do that can u make the stats not go off the page?

            2. I remember in UT99 it would say for females "soandso cannot have babies after a fatal shot"


              Originally posted by Kinetik
              2. I remember in UT99 it would say for females "soandso cannot have babies after a fatal shot"
              LoL! :haha::up: Soooo funny!


                And for robots?

                ANYWAY, NICE LITTLE MUTATOR. :up:


                  no more vacuum attachments for robots


                    Found a Bug

                    I loaded up a Botmatch in DM-FnG-TrainingGrounds-ND

                    ( ND = No Dammage )

                    And i was getting Crotch Shots even though there was No Dammage dealt. This needs Fixing!



                      And i was getting Crotch Shots even though there was No Dammage dealt
                      I don't understand, but the crotch shots are on for team hits. I plan to remove that, but that's how the original UT one was and I didn't notice. The original UT crotch shots even killed your teammates when team damage was off.

                      We'll probably just go the easy route and make crotch shot versions of the LG, Sniper, and Shock Rifles. Then we could do some different damage type effects and it will work like normal headshots and eliminate a lot of potential problems.


                        A Headshot only gives a Headshot Message, if the person who gets hit dies. You get a Crotch shot Message if the Player doesn't die.


                          I think you should get a message about crotch shots even if they dont die.

                          It's just too funny to know you pulled it off.


                            Fun mutator, but I think you should reduce the damage dealt. It totally wrecks it when you use UTcomp and want to know how much damage you've taken or received. Also, the area is dangerously close to where bots shoot you with lightning by default, and I think it should be lowered just a tad anyways. Also, the crotch shot death messages appear as well as the normal ones that appear for killing someone with a lightning gun/sniper rifle.


                              How about an Option to have no additional Dammage? But you still get More Adrenaline and a Place in the Stats menu?