All these links are going to be moved to my site which will give it a screenshot of the site you are more than welcome to submit more Unreal Links there. i will keep this post here

Heres a list of places where you can find files that have been posted in this forum
feel free to post more real community sites that host game files not free services like rapidshare or mediafire.
Also remember some sites you might have to register to download due to spam attacks so please dont complain about those sites

if you want to submit more community download links post them in my visitors page

Filefront's UT2004
GameFront (map info only, but no screenshots, rating and comments)
Mapraider (map info, screenshots, rating and comments)
✗ Site Dead Map Factory (no registration required; map info, screenshots, rating and comments)
Unreal Playground (map info, screenshots, rating and comments) (uploading old/new files; map info, rating and screenshots, but no comments)
✗ Site Dead (uploading old/new files, but no map info, screenshots, rating and comments).
Strategy Informer
WickedHQ (UT2004 & UT3 Files map info, screenshots, mirrors, rating and comments)

Communities (PS3) Free Redirect for UT (Rus, ut99\3\2004)