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So how excited are you about UT2007?

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    I'm more excited about building my new PC for UT 2k7.


      i cant wait for the game. i havent seen many screen shots except for the ones on G4TechTV, for the UT engine. looks cool. cant wait to get it, whens it coming out again?


        Only slightly excited, A lot of things worry me like my computer is going to be screaming (if it can run) to load the steaming maps and the new graphics, but then again I don’t know how that will work and also the fact there wont be no minigun in the action. I also think it will not be so good because of the great mod makers for ut2k4 will have almost nobody to play them when the new game comes out and they will have worked for nothing

        -Mad minigunist-


          Originally posted by vrxGz
          Homing rockets have always been in the game. :0
          well, if that german article translation was correct, they will be homing without having to lock on... im starting to doubt this though because it just sounds ridiculous...


            I can't wait, well I can but the next UT seems pretty sweet.
            In all honesty I hope they don't make it too UT99 like but It would be nice to see the community as a whole again.

            I'm not sure if I'll ever get as much enjoyment out of a shooter as I did in 2003 but whatever...


              I just hope Epic doesn't ruin the game


                Originally posted by k|Tex
                I just hope Epic doesn't ruin the game
                Again, you cannot ruin something before it is finished.


                  *holds arms wide*

                  This excited.


                    I would like something thats gonna blow my mind, not just visually

                    not just visually... right

                    E3 footage... to much "CONSOLE STYLE" gameplay, i dont like it.

                    U2K7 sounds like "BF2+SAVAGE"

                    is not bad, but is it an "UNREAL TOURNAMENT" ?


                      Originally posted by CH405
                      Yeah same here. Just watched the E3 footage...again.
                      While the power of the engine is staggering I really wonder how Epic intend to liven up the next generation of UT.

                      More vehicles, more maps, a twist game type and of course a new graphics engine. Frankly that doesn’t sound like a whole lot to me.

                      Everyone agrees that the new engine is the business in the visual department. But I'm more concerned about the game play. I know the movement system will be refined along with weapons...but do I REALLY want to play the same game types all over again? Sure I did it from UT2003 to UT2004 and played a fair amount of Onslaught. But are we going to do it all over again with a new game type?

                      I know I'll buy it because I've been on the Unreal scene since U1 and I dunno if I'll ever stop. But I would like something that’s going to blow my mind, not just visually. My experiences as a gamer have changed my views on games over the last year and I don't know if I can let UT2007 off easily if it doesn't live up to its expectations.
                      That’s the same question I'm turning over in my head as I read through the forums. I've staved off from playing 2004 for almost a year and have not decided to put it on my new system do to the game quirks which I noticed so often.

                      I'm hoping the new power of the engine will bring new dynamics to game play i.e. destructible and physically interactive environments! The new Axon vehicles look promising and if the new Necris vehicles are as outrageous as they could be that could be a strong step in the right direction. (War of the Worlds esk vehicles-Give me my 20' crimson spider-walker).

                      If ~Conquest~ is more of a fully polished territory focused XMP with a hardcore UT twist, count me in

                      Thanks for reading,



                        Only slightly excited based on some info I got at E3

                        But apart from that I am waiting, UT2003 was a huge disappointment for me so I'm not getting my hopes up too early again.

                        In the terms of quality maps:

                        (1 v 1 first)

                        I mean how can you release a game and have any satisfaction where at the biggest world tournament of 2003 (WCG) a quake 3 map was played in the UT2003 tournament as all the maps released were ****.

                        Infact how can you be happy when you release another version of the same game (ut2004) and release a bunch of "1on1" maps only to have 1 of them used in tournaments (roughinery)


                        Probably the better area when it comes to mapping, out of the box you could run a TDM tournament on good maps.


                        Probably just as big of a downfall as 1 v 1 really only citadel and gren and tournament ready. Whoever made those maps should get a promotion.

                        For me at least the quality of maps is a huge factor when considering playing a game (lol @ PK). And if some serious testing isnt performed before UT2007 is released we're going to end up with the same old ****. I think this is where game creators should hire top players in each gametype to beta test the game for them. If a game is ever released where 50% of the OTB maps are awesome and they screw up the movement/weapons it will get the most sales ever ^_^



                          Not excited because (describe below) ...

                          It's only a game FFS ...

                          Perhaps when the demo come out it may be a different story but so far, nothing really getting me overly chuffed (lack of Assault mode for one) .....



                            Looks pretty good. Hope they fixed some of the lag issues during on-line play. It really bites when your internet connection connects faster than the map loads.


                              Originally posted by element*381
                              I wasn't very impressed with the graphics from the gameplay footage.
                              Same here did not look any thing close to the PS3 E3 demo!!!


                                Originally posted by badger_fruit
                                Not excited because (describe below) ...

                                It's only a game FFS ...

                                Perhaps when the demo come out it may be a different story but so far, nothing really getting me overly chuffed (lack of Assault mode for one) .....

                                I really think that Conquest is going to transcend Assault in every way.