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    Originally posted by Mohlraax
    Ofcourse... I tend to like reading the long posts in here!

    One question tho, about something else maybe.
    I dont have a single clue about computers and sound. I just keep the soundcard that came with it, and are sattesfied with that.
    But what I'm wondering is, if you spend a couple of bucks more on sound hardware... WILL you get a good sound system for cd playback? I mean, there is ALOT in a computer thats not in a amplifier, and wont there be a much larger amount of nois and stuff like that in a computer audio system?!
    It depends, first of all you wouldn't really need to upgrade your sound card unless your upgrading your speakers / headphones as well, it's a matching deal for good sound, if your computer has onboard sound ( connected to the montherboard rather than a card that is replaceabl ) i'd upgrade it, one way to tell is to turn your speakers on full volume and play no sound though it, if it's not silent then you are getting static interference from the inside of your case due to crappy shielding on the sound card, in that case i'd definately upgrade it.