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A better way to play the game on Radeons...

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    A better way to play the game on Radeons...

    Use OpenGL. Not plain ATI catalyst drivers, of course. My results on some maps, are something like almost twice the min fps, when it's really bad with D3D, 30% more avg fps, the same max fps. I'm talking mainly about ONS, helps on other game modes, don't really know how much. I managed to figure out this, because I remembered I played UT2003 with OpenGL which was faster than D3D and now with UT2004 it's the other way around. wtf?

    - Download and install the omega drivers. Much better tweaked than ati defaults. I have omega 2.6.12
    - Go to the ati webpage and download catalyst 3.6 that contains an old opengl driver. type "catalyst 3.6" on search, or whatever.
    - execute the download program up to the point that appear the wizard dialog, next>, cancel buttons. Exit the wizard
    - open a dos prompt. paste this ****, line by line:
    cd \ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-catalyst-7-91-030625a-010027c-efg\Driver\2KXP_INF\B_09865
    expand atioglxx.dl_ atioglxx.dll
    copy atioglxx.dll c:\games\ut2004\system

    It goes to the directory where the wizard dumped the installation files, decompresses the opengl driver and copies to the ut2004 system directory. Just correct the "c:\games" in the last line to where you have the game installed. If the file is copied there, ut2004 uses it, and other programs continue to use the default one.

    Now, edit ut2004.ini
    Under [Engine.Engine], make sure you have this:

    Under [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice], just append these lines at the end. You may need this, because the defaults on the opengl section may be a joke. They work well for me, you may want to tweak differently:


    To undo this, just delete the file atioglxx.dll from ut2004\system,
    put the lines under [Engine.Engine] as they were and uninstall the omega drivers. I would keep them though.
    You may still instead, only want try to use the other lines in the[RenderDevice=D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] section, may help a bit.

    Final note: I posted something like the above on 2 or 3 forums, in a different way, a few months ago. I did it here now, because I needed to go through the all process again. By then, one of them went the way of fanboyism and flamewar. If you want try or have doubts, or it becomes worse, different, with artifacts, hitches, whatever, you can post here and I'll try to help, when I remember to comeback lurk the forum. No problem. If you want to flame and just say "everybody knows that ATI sucks at OpenGL", being lame, whine/insult because it doesn't work, I don't give a $hit. Don't bug me.

    I don't personally use ATi stuff (at the moment) but I am the same way about squeezing every bit of performance I can out of the hardware I have.. render devices, driver versions, tweaks, etc. but there are so many variables there is no one solution for everyone. and the truth of the matter is alot of people are not creative enough to get the most out of their machines, even with guidelines given to follow.


      if you don't give a ****, why then post here?
      take my ****: i don't give a **** about that.
      why? because i don't believe that omega-drivers (believe and omega-drivers in one sentence, i bet this would suit the dev. of this quite well ) can make things the numerous driver-dev's at ati can't. (i tested it once and all it brought me was a messed up system).
      the other thing about leaked beta old opengl dll's manually copying and stuff:
      umm... yeah.. did that.. when i was young and had too much time on my hands.


        OpenGL will affect how you aim, and not only by a performance increase/decrease.

        I'm very sensitive to the way I aim, so I notice OpenGL is a bit "sharper" in movement somewhat. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly it is. This has made me hard to choose between the render modes since my system can handle either rendering API very well.


          "A better way to play the game on Radeons..."

 not at all.