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Event that happend on June 12, 2347

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    Event that happend on June 12, 2347

    Created a short story some months ago out of bordom. I just found the Unreal time line and realizedthat my part of the time line has not happend yet. So I was wanting to know if it could be some how included in the official time line.

    here is a quote from unreaplayground of the story.

    ==QUOTE story from unrealplayground==
    Liandri Death Island.

    Created on an island not far from the main Liandri Main Offices and mines shortly after the founding of death match in 2291. This Island has Several Arena buildings. They were named after the first arena built inside. These near city size buildings can hold from 20 to 100 indoor arenas depending on their size. Any outside arenas are either on a smaller island off the shores or sectioned off with concrete walls. The only civilian portion of the island at the time was Trofa city and a few small towns. Liandri paid the resident’s handsomely to move off the island as death match grew in popularity. Trofa city remained as the only civilian area on the island. Soon people wanted to learn how to fight in this fashion and with the new weapons and gadgets. So the Liandri Academy was built to meet the new requirements for death match competition. To further train people the 1 on 1 arena tower was built. This 10-story tower could simulate any small arena that was currently in use for multiple classes.

    Since People loved to watch these matches live Liandri opened a large hotel for spectators and a small Training arena so guests could try death match for them selves in a 100% safe holographic environment.

    Under Ground arenas were shortly abandoned and ban from being built on the island after 2347 after the discovery of a major Fault line that runs under the Island. This Fault line was unknown to Liandri until the devastating 9.0 Earthquake struck the island on the Monday morning of June 12, 2347. “See map of island where the quake hit.” Death match was currently Beginning the season so the island was mainly empty with the exception the people who lived in Trofa city; a few spectators and the Gore team in training for the first match of the season in one of their favorite under ground arenas. Liandri Central core. They were to meat and new Rookie team the next day. According to records that survived the quake the team was about done with their training exercises when the quake started. Since the arena was under ground it was the hardest hit. The entire team died in the quake when the arena collapsed an flooded with lava. The team’s leader that was currently watching the match at the registration office while he was registering his team for the new season was one of the few survivors. After the arenas were rebuilt Liandri Decided not to rebuild any underground arenas and ban their construction from the island. Any future arena built was built to new earthquake codes to ensure that there was no repeat of the quake in 2347. The remaining civilians that lived in Trofa city abandoned the island and Liandri turned it in to a huge city arena.

    Today a new Liandri office sits on the site of the old one. This New office is fitted with a seismograph station and a seismologist is on call at all times. The new Liandri Academy is under construction so the academy can handle the demand for newer teams coming in to the tournament for the first time. The sniper town arena sits on top of where some former underground arenas. The Medic station is now better trained to handle unforeseen events. Such as Earthquakes and bad weather ; Tornados and hurricanes.

    ==End of story==

    Let me know what you think...

    That's pretty cool, definately believable. Good job. :up:


      pretty cool, like it. few spellings etc but ok:up:


        When I thought UT was safe from fanfic...

        Very very good. It manages not to fall into the cliché that, say, the map descriptions in CBP do.