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Will They Fix Instagib in UT2007?

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    IG never felt right from UT2003 also UT2004 feels sluggish
    if i understand the first part of this quote, you think iG was best in ut2003?

    in ut99, there was a simi instant kill ball, not at all like iG we all know.

    if anyone still has ut2003 installed, i can switch my server over to it in less than 90 seconds.

    i've sort of learned to play ut2004, because there was no choice. i mean, how many times can i let tweaker humiliate me 1-on-1, without going insane?
    oops, too late....


      Also while they are fixing things for UT2007 it would nice of them to make a Better Anti-Cheat.


        Originally posted by Main
        You paid for the whole game, but it's too hard so you're only gonna play half of it! :up:

        And you know, I say half of it, but really only until people ***** about how "All these maps suck!" for about a week and then replace their server lineup with 4 different unlit, single-hallway ThornsV2 clones, 4 Barnburners with slightly different textures and lighting, and maybe a few TWO-PATH (gasp!) Gems like Atrium or Impasse.

        At that point, it's more like a quarter. Won't it be Fun, though??!?
        Good post. That **** is fun to mess around with maybe now and then but not worth dedicating to.


          If by fix you mean remove ultra-****ty-noobie gametype, then I hope so.


            lol NW