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UT2004 Dm or CTF map with the best graphics...

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    Originally posted by DrSinister69
    I found my CBP1 and 2 .zip files.

    I'm putting all my UT2004 **** into one folder and burning it.

    So far I have:

    patch 3355

    ECE bonus pack

    Win XP extra pack

    CB1 (volume 1) and 2 (volume 1 and 2)

    And i'll download the flag packs.

    Now I have to find the CD I with the maps from Cliffy B's page.

    If the folder is really large it's time to break out a DVD-R.

    Try compressing it first.


      For looks? DM-Redkin and DM-Blackhawk.

      You people like the CBPs too much. It isn't overly good with the exception of a few maps. I know I'm going to get flamed for this, but I really don't care. I appreciate the work that goes into the CBPs (I'm a mapper myself, so I know what kind of time goes into one) but I didn't flip out over them like everyone else. I know a few other people who didn't either. [/rant]


        i don't know what ever happened to it or if it got released or is still being made, but DM - JunkJitsu (sp?) looked freaking amazing