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Major Issue With Game

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    Major Issue With Game

    When I started UT2k4 today, a BUNCH of things were messed up with it, including:

    -Buddy List completely wiped, but Favorite Servers were still intact
    -Keybinds deleted. Not reset, but wiped COMPLETELY. No keys were bound to anything
    -Mouse sens. and other options were reset to default, yet all my graphics preferences were still the same

    And I'm sure there are other problems I haven't yet discovered. Any idea what could've caused this, and how I can get my old settings back?

    For whatever reason, it looks like your user.ini file has gone awol (keybinds, buddies, etc).
    Your ut2004.ini looks like it's remained though (gfx settings etc)

    Could be caused by UT2004 crashing out (this happened to me) and the only way to retrieve your old settings if user.ini has been cleaned out (a new one would automatically be generated without your settings) is to restore a backup you took of the user.ini file. If you never took a backup, then you're basically screwed and have to put all your stuff back manually as best you can.


      i have this happen about every three weeks for no apparent reason.although i also loose my favorite server list.


        And the moral of this story is...

        Keep copies of ur user.ini and ut2004.ini files