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    Still Recruiting

    To any and all gamers looking for a premium gaming clan to join:

    We are the DEA Death Enforcement Agency semi-professional online gaming clan, sponsored by Microsoft Games and Nvidia Graphics Technologies. The DEA began on May 5th 1997

    We have had as many as 200 members on 14 games in 8 countries at our peak organization last year. These countries are Canada, The United States, Australia, England, Denmark, Holland, Norway and Italy. Today, our teams have dwindled to fewer than 30 members from 2 countries. This is why we now put the call out to you, the dedicated mature gamer to help us revitalize our numbers and this organization.

    Our clan just turned 6 on May 5th, 2003, and to celebrate our 6th birthday, we are in the final stages of completion on our new website to be located at

    Once this site is up (Grand Opening to be January 15th, 2004) in addition to being the DEA’s home, it will be the premier online gaming support hub to today’s current top game titles with links to downloads and other support services for the very best in online gaming team fun available today. We have a very strong and healthy presence in every professional league we are involved with.

    We have even received many compliments for our dedication and team organization from league officials as well as our corporate sponsors. All of this is due to the fact that we are dedicated to mature organized gaming around the world, and to achieving #1 spot in any league we play through hard work, coordinated team play, quality leadership, and sheer determination.

    We have a long standing positive and professional relationship with Microsoft ALIENWARE, MSI International and Nvidia Graphics Technologies, and as a result of this we have gained not only allot of fine gaming hardware and software, but had allot of fun in the process. These companies need our feedback and experience when dealing with a new video card prototype or beta test of a new game, and we have always been happy to oblige and offer our reviews to enable hardware manufacturers the very best feedback in order to optimize these products for the market.

    In the coming months our sponsorship family will be growing also, due to our negotiations with companies such as AMD, SoundBlaster, and ThrustMaster, Novalogic as well as EA games, and Red Storm Entertainment.

    So let me take this opportunity to officially invite you to visit our website, and join the DEA for engagements in Ghost Recon, Raven Shield, HALO, UT2003, UT2004, Call of Duty, VIETCONG, and Joint Operations.

    If interested, please post in the Request to join DEA forum in our General section of our forums.

    Commander DEA
    Death Enforcement Agency

    I find it wierd that no one is finding interest in this clan, I sure would if I wasn't in one already. The best way to find people is always in game as some people don't frequent any forums, just go to pubs and try to look for decent players and ask them if they would like to try out for your clan.