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is Germany neglected?

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    Originally posted by MechaFubs
    Stupid argument

    only 250 people went to UU, thats hardly a big nationwide event. If Epic did something like UU every 2 weeks touring across america, france, spain, everywhere except Germany, then that would be being neglected, not this.

    reliably that is correct but why no special tourings or meetings for German fanĀ“s or European fan's? (3d buzz tour or UU , or also one big show or something else )

    don't we exist?

    I believe, censoring am not not the problem at the thing well most buy the English version somewhere or patching game with bloodpatches but I find it unfairly to different countries opposite.
    Read nevertheless times news on all web pages, everywhere is called it only America America America

    and wtf you have with my IQ? if you to discuss do not want in a good level then leave please this hread
    I said, that am my feeling and which says it to it
    others can have another opinion over it -- not problem for me