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How to exit vehicles on the side you want to?

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    Originally posted by element*381
    Not sure if it's for all vehicles, but I'm pretty sure you exit the Scorpion and Hellbender opposite the direction your crosshair is facing.

    I've noticied you always exit to the left side of the tank. And, opposite the direction of your crosshair for manta, scorpion, etc. As placebo says,
    Originally posted by placebo

    This is how it works, peeps: You exit looking in the direction you were looking in the vehicle, looking at the vehicle. So essentially, you're exiting to the point that your "chase cam" is in first person, except closer to your vehicle.


      I've done some testing and it just made it more confusing. I always seem to exit scorpion on the left. If you're in a Hellbender as the driver, you exit on the left. Gunner exits on the right while the rear cannon exits behind. Manta exits randomly.

      Originally posted by §ýñ†hè$îzè
      lol @ skilled player that can always hit mantas with avrils.

      You're playing the wrong players.
      Originally posted by Gyro
      (excluding close range combat)...


        Originally posted by Gyro
        I would call myself a skilled player since I can take out a manta with a single avril most of the time (excluding close combat).

        tbh a good manta driver should really consitantly be able to dodge an Avril.

        There are certain players where I just switch to the LG as I know its gonna be quicker to get the hitscan kill...


          Re: Re: Re: Re: How to exit vehicles on the side you want to?

          Originally posted by Capt.fuegerstef
          I was amazed how many people take and need them.
          The world is being run by people on drugs, in case you ever suspected.


            They should fix that. If at all possible the direction that you happen to be looking is the direction you should exit.

            On that one ONS map where the redeemer is on the bridge I stop to pick it up an I end up leaving the vehicle on the wrong side.

            It's like "Oh no not again, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!.

            Right off the bridge.


              Originally posted by iron12
              Right off the bridge.

              Yep, same thing here. It's taking a lot of to remember to look away from the side I want to jump out at.


                It's like there's an AI that chooses the most hostile side of the vehicle to dump you on. If an AVRiL is seconds away and there are no dangerous sides, it'll lag you for a second so that you get hit before the keystroke registers, or you'll exit in the back with a half second lag, so the destroyed vehicle crushes you. :sour:


                  Originally posted by peliROJO
                  Yep, same thing here. It's taking a lot of to remember to look away from the side I want to jump out at.
                  It don't matter which way your looking.

                  They use some kind of rules that to the average player, (like me) makes exiting a vehicle a random affair as to which side you exit.

                  Just make it if you looking to the right you exit right if at all possible, I realize if there is a wall there you shouldn't be able to exit into a wall.