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    Originally posted by placebo
    All of the CBP Onslaught maps, plus the following:


    Originally posted by Capt.fuegerstef

    NOOOOOOOOOOO..... :sulk:

    Gameplay wise some of the maps have even more design faults than TORLAN...

    Only playable map is ONS-CBP2-Valarna from the pack.


    sorry if i misunderstood.


      Originally posted by §ýñ†hè$îzè

      sorry if i misunderstood.
      Was easy to be misunderstood. My fault. Icarus is OK. I played not enough to say if I would love it as I love Dawn for example.


        All the standard maps, minus Primeval.

        Don't use AntiTCC, it always seems to have brief hanging, and too frequent checks.

        Don't do the *** super sniper mod. It's like a stream of plasm out of a sniper rifle. Sucks, IMO.

        No ECE vehicles on the standard maps, ECE's work better on specially made maps.

        Some mods like quad jump or Tricky vehicles are fun, the add a new dimension to the level.

        ................ copy the popular servers.


          Originally posted by peliROJO
          Some mods like quad jump or Tricky vehicles are fun, the add a new dimension to the level.
          Ok, if that is put on you won't see me on your server, utw-Mephisto...


            - No superweapons

            - mutnolev (removes levi)

            - UTComp (with a server message saying press f5 to configure and remove the brightskins) Keep an eye on Wormbo's UTplus project which might end up being better than UTComp perhaps.

            - Anti-TCC or SafeGame, not configured too harshly, to prevent lag affecting the game. (yeah they suck but are useful)

            - UTAN

            - UAdminMod (or any better/newer equivalent since it is not updated anymore iirc)

            - UT2Vote (have map voting but with a limited number of play of any one map to prevent the same maps from being played over and over again. imo this has the best aspects of both rotation and map voting)

            - Kick idle

            - 15 minute rounds

            - 16 players (max!!)

            -Kick voting(?) good for people that are just trying to team kill or being ***-hats to their own teams, unless admins are going to be available in the evening.

            - As many good custom maps or stock maps with custom link setups as possible

            - Stock maps to exclude: primeval (used to hate redplanet, but I see it's strengths now)

            - Bonus maps to exclude: Aridoom

            - ECE maps to exclude: Adara, Urban, Tricky

            - CBP maps to exclude: All of them except Valarna. Include Argento in the form of ONS-Argento-del-alma instead of ONS-CBP-Argento

            - Torlan 3on3 v2. Yes i know it is meant to be 3on3 but I think it works better in 6on6 too than the horrendous stock Torlan, mainly because of the tank-hellbender swap between the base and the secondary node.

            - Different link setups on 1-3-1 maps like arctic. The jolt setup for arctic for example is pretty good.

            - ECE only on maps designed with ECE in mind.

            - Good custom maps (including some silly ones just for fun like ChainIsleFinal) like Nevermore, Apocalypse, Dinora, Icarus (?), Athwartcask, Coldfusion][ (?), Flurry (a rare choke point setup that does not suck, imho), TropicNightFall, etc... and a few new good maps I have played recently but don't recall the names of.