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Questions/Suggestions from the community to Epic Games. [Update: 6-7-2005 - Q's: 56]

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    Questions/Suggestions from the community to Epic Games. [Update: 6-7-2005 - Q's: 56]

    Seeing DrSiN is willing to awnser some of our question, i decided to make a new thread for it.

    Put your questions about UT2007 in here and i'll add it to this thread. And maybe in the future, this will be a UT2007 FAQ thread.

    DrSiN already made these 3 notes for us:
    Three quick things...

    #1: The demo was realtime. Notice the guy next to Mike running through it. He was actually controlling Malcolm, fighting the bots and driving the vehicles. The movie like effects are kismet/matinee sequences intermixed on the fly when given conditions are met much like end "movies" of assault in UT2K4.

    #2: The shock rifle doesn't have a charge up. What you were seeing was the final portion of the animation that get's played when you fire a shockball.

    #3: Of course some of the sounds were from UT2K4. But, Mike Larson is our new full time sound engineer and I'm sure he will make some nice noise before we ship the game.

    I'll start with Nosnos:
    Oh DrSin, perhaps you can answer the question a lot are wondering about... how is the movement going to be changed from UT2004... will you remove jumps like dodgejump, walldodge, doublejump or will the simply be nerfed?

    Some of my own questions:
    • Can you view non-clan html pages in the game?
    • How many new vehicles will there be?
    • Leviathan... how will that monster be in UT2007?

    Questions from the community:
    (In the order it was posted)
    • What U1/UT1/UT2k3/UT2k4 maps are coming back in UT2k7? ( musilowski )
    • Will I be able to copy and paste BSP and static meshes from UnrealEd 3 to UnrealEd 4? ( Slainchild )
    • Will adrenaline return? If so, can we turn them off client side or switch while one is activated? ( DaChronix )
    • Will we once again be able to few yourself in 3rd person like in UT99 demos? ( DaChronix )
    • Any significant gameplay changes in ctf/dm/tdm or same old-school as before? ( DaChronix )
    • Backward compatible with 2k3/2k4 maps? ( DaChronix )
    • Will the sounds be louder compared to UT2004? (especially pickup sounds) ( DaChronix )
    • Will there be a truly playable 3rd person view? ( DoctorB )
    • Do you plan on including any Anti-Cheat software (AntiTCC, Safe Game etc.) out of the box? ( DuckMySick )
    • Can the physical asspects of the game be lowerd for slow CPU's? ( }{3||ioN )
    • Will vCTF be added to the game by you guys at all or will someone have to create a mod for it? ( nathjan )
    • Will the UE3 support dual core CPU's? ( }{3||ioN )
    • Are there going to be any new weapons? ( [=UTVC=] )
    • Is there still going to be demorec on the console version? ( [=UTVC=] )
    • Are you going to implement brightskins and hitsounds like in TTM/UTComp into UT2k7? ( musilowski )
    • Has there been any Internet testing (which is crucial) or on a LAN or both? ( A_Spec )
    • What were/are the server specs for that many players? CPU usage? ( A_Spec )
    • How robust is the netcode? ( A_Spec )
    • Does VoIP actually work with 64? ( A_Spec )
    • What kind of Graphic Technology are we talking here? ( Darkus ) (What Kind of hardware will be needed to run the game?)
    • Will UT2007 try and inflate its player count by counting bots instead of human players? ( farman )
    • Is Unreal Tournament 2007 going to have proper commercials/advertising? ( A_Spec )
    • Are you going to be adding any other MK Stars to UT2007 like you did for UC2? ( usahoppy )
    • Will This come ingame? ( Chrizz )
      - Distortion effects on some of the guns like in UC2.
      - Distortion to emulate water refraction.
      - Dynamic gamma adjusts light levels.
      - Will There come More Annon sounds of the killing awards? ''new ones''
      - Will there come some little destrucktive objects ingame like pilars when you shoot at it there will come a hole in it?
    • Is there any plan this time for official inclusion of significantly brighter teamskins as a serverside option for competitive play? ( Discord )
    • Will there be specific software requirements for creating normalmapped map elements/character models, or will there be support for some free PLE version of a 3d package (that comes with the game) by the time the game comes out?
      And apparently, there was some support for an advanced scripting engine. (anyone remember the name?) Is this just for scripting sequences/cutscenes, and will the code still be done using UnrealScript or some modification of it? ( Boksha )
    • Will the game still be revolutionnary (graphically) in 2006-2007, knowing that gears of war will be out and much other game wich are impressive too? ( toniglandyl )
    • Are there going to be REAL forums for UT2007ers? ( toniglandyl ) (Well, i'm wondering that too since MidWay doesn't seem to have any forums.
    • Will you keep giving lots-o info until the release or will there be a "no-info" period? ( toniglandyl )
    • Will world physics have an important role in the game? ( toniglandyl )
    • What performance gains can we expect from buying a card with the AGEIA hardware physics chip? ( MuLuNGuS )
    • placebo:
      - Will the game handle the difference between first/third person the same way it did in UT2kX and UT, that is, with a first-person weapon model with animations and nice graphics, and then a low-poly version without animations that appears when you are viewed from the third person? Or is UE3 finally detailed enough to make those two versions one and the same? What I mean is, will we see other people's rocket launchers swivel and animate just like we see ours do from the first person?
      - A related question:
      Will the first person view be a hovering weapon superimposed on a camera that's a set amount of distance over the ground, or will the first person view be the same as the third person view, but with the camera at the head of the player?
      - Will we be able to see our own shadow/feet? (A hint if you're making us see our feet: a) let it be configurable and b) have them move out of the way of the crosshair so we can't have our view obscured when we're sniping in CTF-Face5.
      - How is the hit detection? I'm assuming for reasons of fairness that it's not per-poly; however, will there be equal sized hit cylinders that apply to specific areas, for all models? What I mean is, so you could shoot between somebody's legs, but be have that area of "no-hit" to be the same for all models.
    • Will there be another Make Something Unreal contest? ( Drunk Penguin )
    • Will PC gamers be able to play with Console gamers? ( nathjan )
    • The new editor will support multiple languages, not only english? (this it's related to menus and properties) ( Bort Simpson )
    • Will the standard server check box be imploded, thrown in trash, shot, jumped on, and peed on by a dog like it should be? ( Frogger )
    • What noteworthy improvements or changes are in the works for A.I.? ( meKilgore )
    • Will next UT include support for stering wheels? ( placebo )
    • What new features (if any) will there be in demorecordings? ( Anomalie )
    • Will demorecording work correctly with turrets? (the minigun and hellbender third turret shoot correctly but do not rotate and the view stays static) ( SWG_Victim )
    • Will warpzones work? I'd like to see those in maps again. ( SWG_Victim )
    • Bishop Gantry:
      - Will Enforcers be made unique or will they just be made as a cliched static akimbo weapon finally removing everything that made them intresting to begin with?...
      - For UT2k7's supposed indeepth immersion into the unreal verse and not just the tournament why havent we seen more of it, the weapons cut alone speaks volumes, U1, Na Pali and Unreal2 have giben quite some background knowledge yet there isnt even hinted that we'll see something from it...
      - Why was Skaarj cut, they by far of the monsters of Unreal have the greatest potential and flexibility...
      - Will we see a Dropship in UT2K7 or more speciflly will we see the UT2K4 Dropship in UT2K7 a dedicated troop transport would add a plethorta of new alternative tactics to fool around with...
      - Kinda funny when they say movment will be toned down and the first movie clips wee get to see shows a guy flying over 10 meters trough the air and sliding some additional 10 meters in basiclly 1 movment?
      - In the PS3 clips is that abilities that we'll be able to use ingame while playing, long sliding, grappling edges if we get close to them to not fall further, survive 20-30 meters drops, tackling opponents over edges?
    • Will UT2007 have karma *****? ( Kreskin ) (Well, its a mature game so why not? ^.^ )
    • Pyrii:
      - Will there be some proper compression for maps and packages in UT2007, distributed maps in ut2003/4 are anything from 10-20Mb, but are only a 2-3 Mb download when put into winrar, which says there's room for improvement. And it would save our hard drives.
      - Will Epic at least consider keeping DDOM and BR, the community may not be filled with such servers, but many people do enjoy playing them and are sad to see them go. Assault even more so, even after the harassment the community gave epic to put it back in, your taking it out again for UT2007?
      - Will the community section be trashed, or will you think of a way to making it become a fully working part of UT2007. UT2004 community section still shows the same maps I saw 6 months ago.
    • Will you have the ability to name your bots, as well as individually create them? [As in UT99] ( Manzani )
    • Will Invasion be a gametype in the next UT? ( Drunk Penguin )
    • Will the Shieldgun be in the game? If not what will replace it? ( iron12 )
    • Crotale:
      - What will be the max player count in SP and MP? Will we see possible player counts of more than 64 in the supposed "Conquest" maps?
      - Mike Capps spoke of seamless map transfer at E3. Will all modes (gametypes) use this feature, online as well as in SP? In Conquest or Onslaught, will we be able to dynamically "warp" back and forth betweeen maps during a single match?
    • kevinroe327:
      - How will the canister gun work?
      Putting 3 guns with 2 firing modes each into one gun sounds like nerfing to me...Also, the bots in the demo shown at E3 seemed to use the bio primary, will our beloved bio secondary return?
      - Will there be any new powerups to the game? Will the armour system remain the same? [Two different shields, and 3 tiers of damage "spread"]
      - Will there be technology to invert the gravity [or rotate it 90 degrees and walk on the walls] so you will be able to walk on the ceiling? [Instead of just hover up to it]
      - Will our beloved Gorge return?!
      - If you do decide to create a stats system, will you include all the awards? [Combo *****] Will you still consider manta secondary [roadkills] to be considered Headshots/Headhunters?
      - Will lava volumes be more realistic [moving surface, bubbling, and whatnot]? This way you can also do boiling water and simular death sentences.
      - One question I really hope the answer is NO [hehe, i put yes, silly me] to:
      Will the shock cores still be juggernauts?!?!?!
      [Currently, a shock core will block any weapon...Including 3 rockets, flak balls, full bio loads, lightning gun shots, etc]
      [I know how they have karma and are shootable objects so they can be comboed, and all that madness. But still, the core should not keep moving and be comboable after taking such a beating, it should at least have a set amount of health before it dies. Like 50]
      - Will you be able to select multiple "arena" mutators at the same time? [As in "snipertolightning" replacement, and "no superweapons" at the same time]
      - Will there be adrenaline? If so, will there be new combos? Replacing booster with a short term of "vampire" [from the mutator: You gain health depending on how much damage you do] would rule! Because its currently overpowered!
      - On the E3 demo, when the player was launched out of the scorpion [badass btw], it put him in a temperary slow motion state, is this only for single player/instant action play? How would that work online?
      - New voice awards "Crushed!", "Telefragged", "Overkill" and whatnot are cool too [already mentioned though].
      - I also support the lightning gun over crappy smoke puffing pea shooter gun.
    • Will the Juggernaught ladies (Siren, etc...) be barely dressed... (yummy... ) ( Capt.fuegerstef )
    • Will there be any trick jump routes/ways/shortcuts in conquest ut2007 like in assault ut2004? ( mr bubble )
    • Other information Unreal engine 3 ''ut2k7'' will support DualCore CPU Like AMD Ahtlon 64 DualCore and it will work nice on a gf6800ultra? ( Chrizz )
    • Is there any approximate size yet (in GB)? For example, how big was the play-demo that was run at E3? (the G4 one) ( Nirvelli )
    • Will a Radeon X700 PCI Express 256 MB video card be enough for the next UT? I'm pretty sure it will, but I want to make sure. ( Drunk Penguin )
    • Will LastManStanding be remade? It's the second best game type for me... ( Me. )

    - Will ut2k7 have ingame shellmaps? ( Chrizz )

    Notes For Epic:
    Note that if any question is kinda weird then you can read the entire reply and you may understand it.
    (Questions are in order of the replies)

    • Don't remove the lightning gun! ( Said by just about everyone )
    • After WICKED SICK should come UNREAL. ( Said by just about everyone )
    • Add a working UTV and a UTV-Tab to the Server Prowser (name it ProgramGuide or something). -- Capt.fuegerstef

    This list will probably get a lot bigger over time so i hope DrSiN or anyone from Epic Games will awnser them.

    Oh and please don't ask for a release date, it'll probably be End 2005 to Early 2006.

    - Zoeff
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    What U1/UT1/UT2k3/UT2k4 maps are coming back in UT2k7?


      Originally posted by musilowski
      What U1/UT1/UT2k3/UT2k4 maps are coming back in UT2k7?


        Will I be able to copy and paste BSP and static meshes from UnrealEd 3 to UnrealEd 4?


          Originally posted by Slainchild
          Will I be able to copy and paste BSP and static meshes from UnrealEd 3 to UnrealEd 4?


            will we see adrenaline once again and if so will we be able to turn the various combos off clientside?

            3rd person view etc. in demos like we have in UT99?

            any signifiant gameplay changes in ctf/dm/tdm or same old school as before(=D)?

            backward compatible with 2k3/2k4 maps?

            sounds in general will i hope be louder than in 2k4 (especially pickup sounds) ..?


              Will there be a truly playable 3rd person view?


                Do you plan on including any anti cheat software (antitcc safe game)out of the box ?


                  Everyones Favourite Community Attention ***** Strikes!


                    Can the physical asspects of the game be lowerd for slow cpu's?


                      Added all of them.


                        Will Vehicle CTF be added to the game by you guys at all or will someone have to create a mod for it?


                          im planning to buy a dual core cpu (amd )

                          will the u3 engine support dual core cpu's?


                            Originally posted by }{3||ioN
                            im planning to buy a dual core cpu (amd )

                            will the u3 engine support dual core cpu's?
                            I think the awnser is kinda obvious but adding anyway. :bulb:


                              What kind of Graphic Technology are we talking here? Or better yet, what graphic card series do we need? For example Radeon X800 or a 6800....