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What Kind of UT player are you?

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    It depends on how I feel like playing.

    I am usually all over the place and try crazy things to get my job done. I also love sniping while running. Sniping while hiding isn't much fun.


      other -Ill try to place the rockets at your feet and when sniping I just thend to aviod action up close-just running away. And I dont altflak good for no reason.


        i point and shoot! lawlolawl


          Other. Put me under hitscan fan.


            voted for crazed lunatic but it does depend on the map/gametype and what im doing.

            i have gotten 6 headshots before, and all on the same guy too

            Mr. Pants has had his head blown open many many times.


              Two words Baby:

              FLACK MONKEY!!!!!:up:


                where the heck is a strategist???????


                  There is no option for me.

                  I guess you could say, all of them put together when it's needed. Hitscan for scanners. And when Im feeling angry, drive by rockets at your feet, then a flak if I missed ya if I'm too far away at the time : ) and then a scan, if I missed ya again, then I'll run back at you, and make you move first so I can plant a flak granade at your feet when you jump around like a scared little boy. And if you're too good for me, then it's up close so you can't really get a clear shot at me.


                    Newbie - ......................... has a lot to learn


                      Well, most importantly I'm a bit of a noob, & yeah, I do still have much to learn.
                      If I'm up against a player who's way better than me, I'll usually go in very hard, the reasoning being he's probably going to kill me anyway, so I may as well go for the kill as hard as I can.
                      Sometimes it even works.

                      If I'm fighting a player who's about my skill level or worse, I'll generally hold back for a while, & see if I can nail him when he's vulnrable, like dropping on his head with 3 rockets loaded up.

                      Sometimes in DM games, I'll have the same guy spawn up behind me or around the corner from me several times in a row (particularly in BR An00bis & CTF Citadel, in those little spawn-rooms), but if I end up killing the same dude a few times in a row I'll make a point of throwing myself into the thickest fighting for while.
                      The other day crept up on, & I loaded with 3 rockets to nail this guy who was lurking behind a corner in Compressed, but then at the last moment I realised he was typing.
                      On reflex I quickly tried to turn around so the rockets would miss him, but as I turned they ended up lauching all 3 at the wall right next to me, killing myself instantly, depite being healthed & armoured up to the eyeballs. He laughed his head off. :sour:

                      I'm probably a minigun *****, I make a note of learning the best ways to get the rocket launcher & minigun on every map I regularly play on, because most often decent players will dodge my rockets, only dinging them a little, so spraying the mini is my favourite way of finishing folk off.

                      I'm very jumpy in low grav, but since I tend to play lowgrav servers most often, I tend to be at a bit of a disadvantage in normal grav games. I keep trying to lauch myself to the other end of the map, much to my oponents' LoLlage.
                      Oh, & I often run into combos as well, I often use them to try & clear a corridor behind me or as a defensive wepon, but I'm not so good performing them while moving evasively.

                      Ah, much to learn..


                        I'm more like a fisherman, I kinda load up and go huntin, then when I see someone I just reel em in and set em up.

                        In TDM i'm much more cautious but I noticed in TAM (new gametype for me, I took like a year off from 2k4) I kinda like, suck n stuff. So instead of just getting butt ramed I like to go out and spam as hard as I possibly can in a big group of people, hopefully I soften em up enough and my teameates can win. It actually works pretty well


                          Im a C4MP3R