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[C]W[L] iCTF Fall/Winter Cup - Signups Open

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    10 days left to sign up, there's already 21 clans signed up so far.
    so if ya thinking about signing up you'd better do it soon. but just
    remember ta ask ya mama's first we don't 'em knocking on our
    door, if ya got ya *** handed to ya on a plate

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    Hiya maru - guess that lady's been keeping you busy as not seen you around much

    No, it's not UK only, but the matches will be played on UK servers. Not to give UKers an advantage, just to prevent endless server hassles that are typical before matches.

    As [C]W[L] has members from 8 different European countries (and 1 lonely American), I can assure all that the pings are sub 70 for most Europeans and 40-70 for UK players. Before the last week (underwater cable issue in middle of Atlantic Ocean), I was playing with an in-game ping of 90 (I live in Washington, D.C.)

    Hope to see a lot of clans sign up. It should be fun with a bunch of new maps being played - no spam maps - but ones different from the norm.

    Many have commented on the proposed maps and suggested some of their own. To read those comments, click here:

    Map Comments

    Remember signups close in a little over a week!

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    yeah we might be interested... I will put it to the members later tonight

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    CWL organizes a cup and we have not been told yet :weird: .

    **** ... i'll have to shout at enya for not telling me tonight on irc .

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    lo apollo.

    I'm assuming this is UK only ?


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  • [C]W[L] iCTF Fall/Winter Cup - Signups Open

    Signups have started for the [C]W[L] iCTF Fall/Winter Cup - for more information and to sign up - go here:

    [C]eltic [W]ar [L]ordz

    15 clans have signed up so far!