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    UT2007 Wish List

    Seen a lot of discussion regarding the name and other things about the recent news of Epic's newest announcement, Unreal Tournament 2007. I'm excited about this, especially when I heard it mentioned in an interview that it will be more like the original UT. Time to get back to what made this game so good I say! I've a couple of things I'd like to wish for the newest edition in the UT series.

    1: Bring back the Hammer
    the original UT Hammer was the best, nothing like winding it up and sneaking behind someone (If you can) and letting it loose and watching them explode into a mess of gibs

    2: More gibs, less ragdoll
    Ragdoll was cool, for a little while. But, nothing beats watching your opponent explode like a balloon in front of you. Whan someone takes a load of rockets pointed right at them, they shouldn't just slump over, they should explode in a bloody mess! They Joy!

    3. Individual Voice Packs
    The original UT had the best voice packs, each with individual taunts. I miss hearing my "Ha ha ha", "I'm on Fire" from Male Voice 2. In UT2003 & 2004 all the voice taunts were that same, no matter which voice you selected. Variety is the spice of life, everyone using the same taunt makes one turn the volume down after a while.

    Now, these are only my personal opinions. But it would be nice to hear some other ones as well.

    Balanced* ONS maps.

    *) More symetrical (not 100% but close) and balance between attackers and defenders.


      I dont see any point to bring impact hammer back since there will no assault mode for hammer jump

      But I'm pretty sure there will be a CTF map name "FacingWorld2007" or "FaceClassing" in UT2007. :haha:


        yea, but once in a while a nice Hammers Only match can be quite entertaining, especially in Rocket Arena matches.


          the main wish i'd have to offer for 2007, the ******* ol school feeling of the original ut. I don't know why but 2003/4 don't have that feeling, you had while playing the one and only...
          in addition, multiplayer enhancements: working stats (like the warcraft system), maybe a player-match system that finds an oponent of your choice for you (you'll need some points for this... again -> the warcraft system) ...
          well some outlines


            Bring back the RL Alternate Fire of grenades and multiple grenades. That was cool. Fix the shock rifle, all people do is ***** that thing now it's way to powerful.

            Keep the Assault rifle and the single grenade at a time though.

            Add rocket jumping.


              Amen ThanadoS!

              I know exactly what you mean! I can't put a finger on it, but I know the feeling. The twitch is not in UT2003/2004 like it is in the original UT


                1) Take the double jump out of standard movement and make it
                a multi jump adrenaline combo or mutator option instead.

                2) Add some more movement enhancing adrenaline combos like
                wall runs, higher jumps, multi wall dodges and midair hovering.

                3) Bring back the Creepy Gothic atmosphere that UT99 had.

                4) Polish up the character animations so they look cool and
                menacing again, not all generic and cartoony like UT2003/2004.

                5) Increase the damage of the shock combo when it is ignited
                from a higher angular trajectory offset to reward players for making
                those hard to hit moving combos.

                6) Make armor and Damage Amp throwable to team mates.


                  I'd like to see double jumps removed completly, and give back the jump boots.


                    One feature I'm desperately looking for is a clan tag (maybe coupled with clan passwords).

                    Instead of having the tags in your name, there should be a seperate box to put your clan tag in and there should be a drop down box to choose whether it should be a prefix or a suffix.

                    This will help a lot. For starters, when you join a team game, it would instantly lump all members of a clan on the same team (could be turned off server side).

                    The idea of a clan password would stop aliasing. Clan members would release the password to new players who are dedicated to the clan, but if someone tries to pretend they are from the clan, it doesn't let them play until they change it. This could easily be combined with the clan system they're already making for 2k7.

                    Another thought I've had - and i know that some people will disagree with me here - remove the grenages from the assult rifle and make it's secondry fire the same as the shild gun and also re-intoduce the impact hammer for those who want to jump. Maybe if someone wants to make a mutator of this to test it out....


                      Demo Recording/Playback:
                      - 3rd person view
                      - Free cams
                      - Weapon View
                      - Using matinee on real Demos
                      - etc etc I forget

                      hmm Jump Boots! (like ut99 deck-16)


                        I've only got one wish, but that twice:
                        Please bring back the (double) Enforcers




                          Bring back:
                          some of the old taunts:
                          I'm on fire!
                          Burrrrrrrrrrrrn Baby

                          the taunt animation where you could wave.
                          Feign death
                          Gibbing dead bodies and gibbing the gibs
                          Gibs that actually look like body parts.

                          and... TY Epic for bringing back the Necris :heart:


                            For the love of god, Bombing Run! :cry:


                              Originally posted by Daspadger
                              For the love of god, Bombing Run! :cry:
                              Im sorry sport, but we had to put her to sleep.