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    after more than 6 years, i finaly have a new computer.

    this thread is for me to **** my sh*t around and to say how long my epenis is

    im used to have a:
    Gigabyte GA-6BXC
    AMD 1600+ @ 1.4GHz (semperon)
    450 watt PSU
    512 MB ram
    40gig HD
    Geforce 2 mx 200
    *some old speakers*
    a keyboard that survived from my first computer (at least 10 years)
    a 17" CRT (ACER)
    microsoft mouse

    Gigabyte K8 series titon GA-K8NF-9 Nforce4
    AMD 3500+ @ 2.2GHz
    ATI Radeon X850 XT
    Multimedia Keyboard (KB-2925)
    2.1 (i think) multimedia speakers+sub-whoofer (SP-288, and they were free!)
    1024MB ram
    200gig HD
    XBlade ATX midtower case+2 extra 120mm fans
    500W PSU
    Intellipoint mouse
    LCD temperature display (swiches colors)
    17" TFT LCD (Reegen 2/8Ms reponse)

    pics Below:


    and thats $US1,541.26 of the rest of you
    im soo happy:heart:

    i love you all:heart: :heart:

    all of this was custom built and put together by a professional
    so technically, i did put it together.
    [edit] added new monitor to new comp specs
    [edit2] added what type the old CPU was.

    Nice specs. Case makes me want to hit it with a large lump of concrete though.


      That case is horrendous, but nice machine nontheless.


        Nice nice.


          Nice system


            i bought that case for several reasons:
            it satisfied my parents requests for it (USBs on the front)

            it satisfyed my requests (I like it and it had plenty of slots and spaces)

            it had lots of places to put fans, and even on intensive appliocations it stays at a CPU temp of 40degs and a VGA of the same. and it is in a cramped room with barely any air.
            the stuff inside does get preety hot, and in a open room it staus at about 25degs

            on a side note:
            there are NO neon tubes in it
            all out of 5-6 fans inside it, at least 3 of them have LEDs. that is where the light is coming from. i had no say in the lighting effects OK?

            and it was cheap.
            $aud65 with a 400watt psu, $aud85 with a 500watt psu.

            that case is justified.


              Originally posted by CREMBELS
              that case is justified.
              Sorry.... People disagree with you.

              You must accept the fact that your new e-***** is approximately 2 inches shorter than you originally thought....


                More than six years ago the AMD Athlon wasn't even released, I know because my previous workstation was a Athlon 550 which I bought in september 1999 (not even 6 years ago).
                Same for the geforce 2mx.


                  I realize you prpbably didn't have much say in the components, but for everyone else who may be looking to build or upgrade, DO NOT buy a case with a no-name brand PSU. If you are going to spend the money to buy a high end video card, 64 bit processor, etc, you need to protect that investment. A high quality PSU will help to protect your components. A cheap no-name PSU that comes with most cases (even Antec cases have been known to have no-name PSUs installed) is not as reliable as you might think. Sure, it might not quit working on you in the 3 or 4 years that most people own a PC, but it can cause you to experience a whole host of performance and stabilty issues. Also, a low quality PSU can actually raise your utility bill due to the fact that it doesn't operate efficiently. Low quality PSUs are not known to be energy efficient, no matter what the package says.

                  What you could have done, Crembels, was to forego the X800 XT and purchased an X800 XL. The difference in price would have easily paid for a high quality PSU. Peace of mind is more important than a few extra fpses. I have an AMD 64 3500 Newcastle, Radeon X800 XL, and 1 GB of memory. I have yet to run any app or game that gives this thing a run for its money. And yes, I spent the money on a very good PSU.

                  I hope this doesn't come off as brow-beating, but I hope others will take heed when it comes to power supplies.


                    Originally posted by El_Muerte_[TDS]
                    More than six years ago the AMD Athlon wasn't even released, I know because my previous workstation was a Athlon 550 which I bought in september 1999 (not even 6 years ago).
                    Same for the geforce 2mx.
                    I had a feeling the 6 years statement was a little suspect, if it was around a 1400+ or wotever it was would have cost a fair bit.

                    anyway nice machine, I'm gonna be getting a new one early next yr, may even be dual core by then , so would that give me a dual e-*****? wow I'd be popular

                    EDIT: thinking about it I'd never leave my room again :haha:


                      I actually think that the case looks nice. Could have picked a better color though. I just don't like the silver for some reason.


                        nice one, but im gonna get a 3800+


                          Awesome machine! Your case and colors, and specs rock. These other losers don't know anything. Appropriate heading too, Epenis!!!

                          Slap you in the forehead, [Female Dog]!


                            Originally posted by peliROJO
                            Awesome machine, AND I love the case and colors.

                            Congratulations, even though your PSU sucks, your pictures suck, your mom sucks, your case sucks, the XL vs LE sucks, the CPU GHz sucks, your overclocking sucks, your measly 1GB RAM sucks, and your voodoo sucks. Is there anything I missed, trolls?


                            your such a fu**** idiot gj wl's 4jOO wow retards coming out early on the weekend

                            envy i must say thats a decent rig aside the case its pretty good
                            quit posting lame comments kthx!

                            Congrats you get this weekends ****** award :down:


                              Not my choise of case... but is sure is e-pen0r... :up:

                              Grats mate...