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SoCal LAN Party This weekend! Multi Game Event!

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    SoCal LAN Party This weekend! Multi Game Event!

    This weekend LANmaniac is holding another event in the LA/OC area. We are located just ½ mile north of the (91) free way, in-between the (605) and (710). So we are pretty much so smack dab on the border line of Los Angeles/ Orange County.
    At our LAN UT and UT2K4 are the biggest games. But other games such as COD:UO, Battlefield 9142, Raven Shield, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, UT, Quake 3, Far Cry our on on play list as well.

    Our LAN starts at around noon Saturday afternoon and goes until about 6am or so the next day.

    We have a dedicated file server for all of the patches and what not as well as a dedicated game server. All of this is on our (10/100/1000) Gigabit network to provide a lag free environment.

    For dinner it’s always a toss up. We may fire up the BBQ and spend some time around it shooting the ****, or we may choose the lazy route and order up a **** load of pizza.

    If such an event interests you are you are a geek looking to have a good time with other fellow geeks, this is the place!

    See you there!


    lol what happens when somebody lays a huge fart? lol jk.

    since i dont have any way to go down in so cal, is there any event coming up that is here in nor cal?


      u know what, LANmaniac, you're a SoCal wussbag.

      Sorry, had to say that, saw it on VivaLaBam on mTV, if i lived in cal i'd come, but too bad for that.:haha:


        Oh noes, there's a left-hander in da house