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mouse lag in CTF-maul

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    mouse lag in CTF-maul

    Hi all,

    since a month I am playing ictf. In almost all maps I can play with a decent (40-50) FPS. Also when i play CTF-maul my fps is above 60 fps, still when I play this map my mouse feels laggy, it just doesnt react the same as in other maps. So my question is do you experience this 'lag' too or is it just me? Any suggestions how to fix are welcome.


    Turn off mouse smoothing. (I think that's what its called.) See if that helps.


      all boxes are unchecked mouse speed is at 0.87 and i have a mx-510. so mouse smoothing isnt the problem.


        I get this problem alot in ICTF, to the point where Ive mostly stopped playin...

        Ive recently bought the mx518, alittle better.. but not perfect.. I found it to be a possible number of problems..

        Laggy server, bad ping, lack of skills etc..

        Either way, a laggy mouse sucks!.. Some people get it, some don't....

        if you sort it out, let me know!


          I have experienced mouse lag on a few systems that I have worked on. I was able to resolve all problems with a few settings changed.

          For my latest system:

          Athlon 64 3000+
          1gig ddr 3200 ram
          geforce 6800 gt (overclocked to ultra)

          I was getting horrible mouselag with 1280x960 2xaa 8xaf.

          For nvidia cards, enable coolbits in the registry and under the advanced driver settings, change "render x frames ahead" to 0. It defaults to 3. Turn off vsync. You will get tearing , but the mouse will not lag.

          Now in UT2k4, disable "reduce mouse lag".

          You should now have no problems with lag. I found that if I follow all steps except leave vsynch on, the mouse will lag horribly.

          I am using a Microsoft Intellimouse explorer 3 usb.




            This happens to me the worst on:


            It happens on other maps, buts its more tollerable. I think its 'cuss I have a dell, so im not complaining really.