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    Server/Client Side Question...

    OK. Something got me thinking. When UT2003 was released, it came with a two benchmarks; Flyby, and Botmatch. Now typically, flyby gave higher results than botmatch, because botmatch requires more CPU power for the bots AI. Now here's what got me thinking.

    In UT2004, is playing online against bots powered client side? or server side?

    It made me wonder wether the locations of the bots and their actions are done through networking, or your CPU. If I understand this correctly, playing on a 32 player server shouldn't lower framerates in comparison to that of a botmatch demo, because its done server side. So if I ran a flyby benchmark, I'd want to see those frames to determine online play fps. Unless it's not done server side

    Anybody know what happens?

    Thanks in advance,

    server side
    but you still render bots, so your FPS are as low as if they were actual players