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Where is benchmark.exe for UT2k4?

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    Where is benchmark.exe for UT2k4?

    Hi everybody,

    I have the DVD version of Unreal Tournament 2004.
    All work good.

    But I remember they are a program "benchmark.exe" or something like that to test our machine (benchmark).

    But I don't find it neither on the DVD neither on my hard drive.
    Why ?

    Last patch remove it ? DVD don't have it ?

    Please help me!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    It was removed from the game in one of the patches because it didnt work properly..
    if you want benchmakrs then just try Umark
    hope that helps


      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!
      Thanks a lot LordJaffa !

      The reason for what I ask that it cause I'm the more happy man of the Earth today !
      Earth? pffff

      The Universe

      Cause today I buy a WONDERFUL video card!!!!!!!!
      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....
      I think soon I will have a Heart Attack cause I'm too happy ...

      And so before to remove my "old" Ati 9600 I want make some benchmark and compare later.
      Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I'm sooooooooooooo HAPPY !!!!!!!

      Have a WONDERFUL day !!!

      I leave the video card in the box so you can see it...


        Congrads! :heart:


          Get two 6800Ultras running in SLI and you'll be happier than me.


            Thanks placebo !

            Congratulations too for your excellent site.
            I hope you will continue (sure if you like to do that in future too)

            If you want leave your machine open all time, don't forget have a AntiVirus (and each day update it else like you don't have).
            Also have a firewall other that XP (if you use it)

            And also boot sometimes. So your IP will change sometimes and it's good against hacker.
            Well maybe you know that else I hope can help you little bit.

            bhz9294 man I'm not rich like that.

            I know we can use two 6800 Ultra (just one is more expansive than mine - 6800 GT) in SLI. But it's cost more than a computer.

            Well sure if a day I win to lottery I will buy two somethings in SLI.

            Ati soon is suppose to do the same. Uffff !
            It would be very "ugly"
            Imagine two X850XT ! Ufff.

            Well it's good to dream.
            But I'm a lot happy about my "simple" 6800 GT

            Have a Great day all !