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    Master Se Server

    You can go to
    and look up under servers,
    and log on to the server that way.
    I have a couple servers bookmarked I always play on, like Confused? Gaming w/Stats server.

    Also I thought that it was the game too, and not the master server,

    Well I installed this mod, which was in zip form, called "Killing field", and it overwrote some files like the main menu textures, and the intro, and I also could not log onto any server without changing the texture pack called 2k4menu textures back to its original, I found out which one, because when I logged onto a server, it tried downloading this 22 meg file at a real slow speed. I really don't appreciate any mod team making a mod that is going to overwrite original files like that, they totally get a big fat 0 on that mod, and should have had a read me file warning me about this type of ****. I was really ******, because my UT folder is 18 gigs, and if I have to reinstall or something, just because of some noob modder, that is just about the lamest thing I ever came across in all the stuff I download for UT2004.
    Welll there's my 2 cents.

    not sure i understand fully...but if you installed the mod, why didn't you know what files were being overwritten? .umod << .zip


      You mean killing floor? If you read the readme for it before extracting, you will know that you put the ENTIRE folder in your ut2004 folder. That is, so that none of the folders get mixed. Installing this mod is just like any other mod in any game- you put the entire folder into the game folder.

      So be sure to open the readme before installing any mods.


        If you go to uninstall ut, it allows u to just uninstall certain components. Maybe u can uninstall the mod u don't want?

        For example, if I go to uninstall ut now, it gives me the option of getting rid of

        The whole of ut
        just UT2004 bonus pack
        just utcomp

        Maybe u can uninstall the mod via that? Worth a try.

        Failing that, just back up the important parts. I actually found that i got a fps increase of about 15-20 from reinstalling ut. I'd had it installed since the day it came out and it was the first time in a year that it wasn't on my hd. I'd uninstalled, defragmented, ran scandisk and then re-installed, only to find that ut seemed to be working better. Never a bad thing.


          well, just to recap,
          it was a zip form mod, i dragged and dropped it over my ut folder, just like usual, but i dont do that with the system folder so not to overwrite system files,
          but it overwrote 2k4menu.utx and intro.ut2 map , i had ut2004 installed on another computer, so i just copied those specific files back into those folders,
          but like i said, i could not log onto any server without the original 2k4menu.utx file in place, but as soon as i replaced it back, everything was back to normal,
          but i could have reinstalled ut2004 without having to reinstall all of the mods, maps, and skins i had previously installed, it just installs over the previous folder and keeps whatever files that are already there.
          thanks for your input though guys.