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    Unreal Tournament Classic numbers

    Total- 1,253

    CTF- 504

    DM- 341

    TDM- 111

    AS- 25

    Rocket Arena 13


      Originally posted by Discord
      There's been a bunch of ONS league play already, with some crossover TDM teams getting involved. I know this because I got beat over the head once by some ProU guy for "not giving the props" or something like that. :haha: :weird:

      I'm not really a fan of ONS... sometimes I'll play it to relax, because of the "bTwitchMode=True" situation you mentioned with CTF. I don't hate ONS by any stretch, but I do have a beef with it that I think has been heard (or more appropriately buried under miles of flaming) before:

      It's too linear.

      In most cases, it all boils down to getting your network erected quicker than the other team and cutting them off at a choke point (or maybe two). You don't have a lot in the way of strategic options available... it's obvious what has to be done, and you can't do it later: you've got to do it NOW NOW NOW.

      I can see the fun in that, it's kind of exciting to race to get a vehicle and then race to the node to stop those guys before they break out... but generally I personally like to have more lattitude of action. In CTF as an example, I can pick and choose my opportunities for offensive action, and I can even determine what style of offense I want to try to generate. There's a little more finesse and pacing involved there IMO.

      Note that this is why ONS-Dawn (default link setup) is my favorite ONS map. It's reasonably unpredictable.

      DISCLAIMER: This isn't a "bash" at ONS. ONS is obviously a good thing for the game at large. Doesn't mean it's beyond criticism, though. And it's not a vehicle thing, either... I love me some VCTF.
      I have to give you props for the post.