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    I dont even think of the game as violent, well it is, you are blowing people into 20 little bloody flaming peices. but i just dont think of it that way.

    i think of it more as a contest of skill. we are each given the same weapons, same movement, and same ammount of pickups on each map, and its a contest to see who can most frequently blow the other one into those loveable 20 bloody flaming gibblets.

    i dont think of it as, Ewww that gross, i think of it more as, Wow, how did he do that wall dodge sheild jump mid air combo?!?


      It's funny, despite all the gore, the only deaths i ever really get a decent look at are my own.
      If i kill someone normally, my heads turned b4 the body hits the floor and i never see anything really. And it's always too far away too.

      UT isn't about the gore anyway, it's about your skill vs the opposition's. A competition. A way to prove youself over other worthy contenders, it's as old as our species. It's a sport!


        Ironic, but true. You only really see your own deaths.


          I'm sadistic.


            I just treat it like a game.... no different than any other game. If a player is in the way of my achieving an objective, then I press whatever buttons are necessary to get that player to disappear. The fact that blood or guts spill out afterwards is inconsequential to me... I don't spend time looking at gibs but instead am busy getting to my next objective.

            That doesn't mean that I don't play with passion. I hate to lose, so I'm giving it 100% all the time and sometimes that leads to smack talking. But the same would be true if I were playing basketball or billiards, neither of which produce gibs. Usually.


              it's all just a game, it takes weird ppl to take it further and use it as an excuse to do crazy things


                it's what we want to do in RL, and we can do it here.


                  Hmm, good question. I am very passive. I have never struck anyone or anything in anger. I even pick up bugs and move them outside. (unless they are on my screen when I'm trying to play, then they get flicked away) I love to kill in UT though, especially headshots. I would never even think of hurting anyone in real life, unless it was to defend myself or my family.

                  Maybe its because a lot of us are passive that we enjoy playing so much. Who knows. I think for me though, the enjoyment comes more from the fact I get to escape real life for a while and be a part of an action flick. I get to play a character who carries big guns, flies and drives around in cool vehicles and is a part of a covert operation to destroy the other team or take their most valued possession; their flag.

                  There is no doubt that I am addicted, but I'm not quite sure if it's the killing, or the fact I can be someone I'm not for a while and get away from the real world.


                    Originally posted by musilowski
                    I'm sadistic.


                      I like the smile it brings to my face, when I know I bested someone else, and they know it too..

                      No one has to say anything, I could even be wrong... but i still smile.

                      Part of my deal, is that I cant stand playing bots, only real people will do.

                      I'll quote an appropriate movie:

                      "You do not truely know someone, until you fight them."



                        Because we know it’s fake.

                        Someone asked in another thread if we thought this could ever really happen in real life.

                        I would not watch something like that. I could not even imagine seeing something like that in real life. That’s why it worries me that the games are getting to realistic looking and then they have to tone down the gore because it would cause too much of a uproar.
                        I like the gore because it’s fake. I don’t like real gore.


                          I think we like being able to push things to the edge and beyond without suffering any consequinces... Sort of like people who go bungie jumping or sky diving. Also there's the ability to do the imposible which has a lot of appeal.



                            Originally posted by FlakDino454
                            How is this appealing to the human mind... and how come so many ppl who play this are real life pacifists?
                            You're wired for aggression, by millions of years of evolution, right down in the lowest most basic levels of your nervous system. Just like every other animal.

                            But you have some fancy wiring laid down on top of that primitive stuff, which your primitive stuff uses to take care of business so much more effectively than those other animals do.

                            One complication that arises here is that unlike those other animals you can't just go killing and screwing and pooping in the woods and generally enjoying life in blissful ignorance of the facts of your existence. The fact that you're inevitably going to die for example.

                            Another glitch is that this fancy wiring of yours, wonderful as it is, ultimately is unable to get answers for the biggest, most problematic questions it enables you to ask. Like, how can you get out of having to inevitably die for example. Or, is there an afterlife to look forward to after that inevitable death of yours, and will they be glad to see you over there. The primitive mind demands answers to such questions. Concepts like good and evil get caught up in the confusion and the primitive mind expects results there as well.

                            Well the rational mind just isn't up to all that, and mental turmoil ensues, and so the thinking animal can never happily kill and screw and poop in the woods through rationality alone. Insanity, optimally in the form of religion, from a sociological standpoint, must be resorted to. Thus are explained the mysteries that vex us so.

                            So anyway, long story short, this game is, basically, just another insane strategy for dealing with things in general, just like religion or drinking or horror movies or what have you. Everybody's got to do something with their time, and just because it doesn't make perfect sense doesn't mean they want to be irresponsible.

                            Some people might object, but then they're crazy too when it comes down to it. I try not to take advice from crazy people.

                            Sorry to get all preachy and pseudo academic about it, I just think it's an interesting question.


                              Originally posted by blh
                              One complication that arises here is that unlike those other animals you can't just go killing and screwing and pooping in the woods and generally enjoying life in blissful ignorance of the facts of your existence.
                              Actually I know several people that pretty much live that way. They don't kill other people (as far as I know :weird: ) but they do hunt, poop in the woods, and tend to screw anyone anytime they get the chance. And they don't play video games. Coincidence? I think not.


                                I equate Unreal Tornament to online, fast paced, bar darts. I'm shooting at pixels of light and nothing more than a virtual dart board, clay pigeon, or a jart to a plastic circle on the lawn.

                                I'm not slaughtering. massacring. or producing unholy carnage on/to anyone. In fact while playing against my clan mates, we talk about home repair projects, their kids, or lawn care on TeamSpeak.

                                If some how people equate playing online games to real life actions, then they need to turn off the computer and go outside. It's a silly video game.