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    Originally posted by senshu
    I'm sure game developers will stop making games for soon as making games is all about the joy of making them, and not related to money at all.
    i suggest you see some of ubisofts games and then reconsider that statement take brothers in arms, decent game, but totally consolised with bugs that should have been squashed in alphas and betas! and guess what, at xmas bia2 is coming out. hit em hard and leave the community to sort it out, thats ubisofts current tactic.


      The preview also brings the news that UT2007 will see the Tournament franchise returning to consoles, with the game due for release on next-generation consoles as well as the PC. No news on which ones yet, but it's safe to assume that it'll be appearing on Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 360 at the very least.

      argh! so we are gonna get a console game for PC? :cry:


        Ok, to all the people that have posted

        UT: PC
        UC: Console

        Please take at look at this

        It's an article +video of an interview with Mike Capps, president of epic games. He clearly states at the end of the interview that the new ut will be multiformat, with the pc being first and ports to next generation consoles following.

        Personally, I don't think it will be a console game for pc, rather a pc game for consoles. In the interview, it's said that they want to give console gamers the chance to get the kind of support that pc gamers seem to take for granted.


          Originally posted by Sailor_Saturn
          AFAIK Epic is working on a multiplatform compiler, or I heard something about that anyways, so they can more easily do their own in-house ports to Mac OSX and others from pc
          Yeah, in-house (or at least, done while the game is in the development process) ports are very nice.

          I think the essential thing that all of you are missing is the fact that the Xbox 2 won't need much dumbing down of the graphics to run. I think that we won't see any lack of detail on the PC if they do have to simplify it a bit for the Xbox, since all of this normal mapping and real-time lighting could be turned off.


            ahh i just saw a vid with the epic games president,conferming ut2k7 is gona be multy plat form

            * dont kow if it hase already been mentioned in this tread tho*


              Sadly, if UT2k7 is gonna feel consolish, it'll split the community three-way: original UT for those with really old comps/who like old-school, UT2k4 for those with semi-old comps/don't like consolish-feeling, and UT2k7 for those with new comps/console fanboys.


                not sure if this suggestion will go down well, but I like the idea of being able to play online with the console dudes. Lots of extra cannon fodder

                I wonder if the different ut2007 platforms will be able to talk to each other, or will it just be Macs and PCs again?


                  ermm, no one ever said that you'd be able to play each other on the various platforms.

                  There would be a split in the community, but that split would be the same as the unreal championship/ut2004, but what did you expect?

                  If you could play each other on different platforms that'd be amazing of course. I mean, I think that the xbox will eventually evolve into a computer that you can't upgrade anyway, with keyboard and a mouse and stuff. Not such a bad thing, online gamers that can't be bothered with fiddle with computers, they just wanna frag. I know for a fact that if the xbox 360 adds the ability to add usb mice such as my mx1000, i'd seriously consider buying one to game on.

                  Agreed btw jezza, cannon fodder