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A small request to all who post here regularly

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    A small request to all who post here regularly

    can we PLEASE start putting NA(North America) or EU (Europe) at the start of threads....

    not all threads obvioulsy but threads that perhaps need the distinction of where the thread start is from so ppl dont storm in and start trolling or claiming that hte thread starter is full of **** etc.

    there numerous threads that you only find out where the guys from on like hte second page.

    and i doubt theres many here who know where everybody is from.

    so , nothing more than a simple request, it would make life a little easier

    I wonder if theres a way of hacking the vbullitin code so the geographical area your refering to could be made into icons that show up on the threads title.........

    EU :up:



      what about those who live in africa ? We gotta think about them.....


        My avatar tells all



          Could add it to yer sig...
          Or read the profile....

          alot of people that post, I know where they are from from other topics..


            Perhaps Pez could hook us up with a drop down menu in options to choose the area we are from. Then just add that little bit of info beneathe our avatar.


              It's a generic problem that has been showing up every day at many posts, since the days these forums were created.

              People post their opinions, without stating the backgrounds.

              "There are no good servers !" So where are you located ? What gametype do you play ?

              "Blahblah is the best clan !" In the US ? Or in Europe ? Best clan in CTF or TDM or 1on1 ?

              "What is the best server to play on ?" Same questions.

              "Weapon balance sucks !" Are you playing 1on1 or TDM or CTF or DDOM ? Different gametypes have different requirements for their weapons.

              "Boostdodging rulez !/ Boostdodging sucks !" Maybe good in DM/TDM, but bad in CTF or BR ?

              Etcetera, etcetera. Everyday there are zillions of threads like this. People just post some ****, without taking time to explain what exactly they want to say, and why they think so. Basically every discussion on this forum actually consists of two or more different discussion in the same thread, going straight past each other. This has been the case for many years. Only a few will realize that other people can have different backgrounds.

              This will never chance. Learn to live with it.


                if you ever post on the User maps and mods forum here, you'll find you can choose an icon to stick next to thread title to define what it relates too.

                something similar to that but maybe EU TDM EU CTF NA TDM etc
                that would be perfect