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Pick Up Games (pugs) in #2k4tdm

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  • Pick Up Games (pugs) in #2k4tdm

    Well, finally, #2k4tdm on has a pugbot.

    What it does it organizes 8 people into a 4v4 TDM game on a good neutral server with voice communication. Yes, that means games will actually involve this so called concept of TEAMWORK that is otherwise completely absent on public servers. It's really fun and I hear pugs have been going crazy for the past 2 hours (ie since it's been installed).

    What you need to get in on the fun:
    an IRC client - fits the bill quite nicely
    Ventrilo - a voice communication program (just google it)
    Preferably a mic.

    in IRC, join the server and channel #2k4tdm

    Also this is a great way to get a taste of competitive tdm for those who don't know how to find it and get in touch with the ut2k4 community.

    If Team Deathmatch isn't your cup of tea, #2k4ctf (on the same network) has pugs for... that's right, Capture The Flag!

    The commands for the pugbot are:
    .join - makes you join the pug
    .leave - makes you leave the pug
    .server - shows that ip and pass of the server you will play on
    .voice - shows the ip of the voice server and channel
    .list - lists players

    Also, take note that a standard 2k4 TDM map is played over a course of 20 minutes, so if you don't think you can spend all that time in the server, don't join the pug... otherwise you'll screw it up for everybody and make yourself look like an idiot.

    Oh yeah, and if you didn't know already, #2k4tdm has complete UTV and shourcast coverage of the Global Gaming League ( americup tournament, which has just recently got underway and the teams are playing preseason games (official season starts apr.11). Some of the best teams the North American Ut2k4 scene has produced are playing in it. So, come visit #2k4tdm on ETG!

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    woo woo


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      Is there an LMS channel?


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          the LMS "community" does not exist.


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            wrong network for the community... better try quakenet sometime..


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              ^this is not for europe.


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