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The Factory Closes Tomorrow

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    So does this mean that all links in the community section in UT2004 will be dead?

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    The Factory Closes Tomorrow

    To All,

    I never thought that one day I would have to write an post informing people that I would be shutting down FactoryUnreal as we know it. But this is that post.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday April 5th, the last of the servers will be powered down and removed from its rack at the datacenter. This last remaining server supports the BeyondUnreal file mirror, the BeyondUnreal UT2K4 server, and of course The Factory public TDM server. Tomorrow will truly be a very sad day for me.

    It has been about five years since it all started on a single DSL line and an Athlon 700 running Windows NT. My, how we all have grown since then.

    There is one potentially bright spot on the horizon, however. Multiple servers and the domain name have been sold to another entity. I do not know what their plan is, but perhaps they have something up their sleeve.

    Many of us get so wrapped up in the news, the forums, the flames, the taunts, the clans, the rivalries, the trash talk, the bugs, the cheats and the pings, that we forget one very simple, very important fact - its just a game. Please do not ever forget that, at its deepest point, its still just a game.

    I originally started to make a list of the people that started playing on the server 5 years ago who are still around today, but realized that I would no doubt forget some people. I didnt want to be unfair. You know who you are - I tip my hat to you.

    Thanks to all of you for years of fun. I'll be at the bar Tuesday night if anyone wants to stop by and have a drink. (Lawrenceville/Pittsburgh, PA)