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    Originally posted by [FDG]Sundae
    What people are confused about in the posts up above is, if I read that right, related to download links.

    If you go to sites like SkinCity, other areas of BeyondUnreal and such, a lot of the download mirrors are listed as "FactoryUnreal" - they're asking if THOSE will be going down.

    Thanks for the fantastic server, Dubious. About the only server I played on, TDM-wise.
    FactoryUnreal was one of our mirror partners (a kickass download server I have to say), but we have 4 others remaining. Sites like SkinCity have all of their files duplcated across our mirror partners, so you'll be able to continue to download hassle-free.

    Thanks, Dubious, for the awesome file services you gave to many, many members of the unreal community. FactoryUnreal provided a staggering amount of bandwidth and file space. Thanks, also, for the great game servers you provided. You'll be sorely missed.



      For the last 2 years I've leased our 2k3/2k4 server from you and had very little issue. Most importantly, the few times I did have an issue I literally dropped right into your IRC chan and you were on the issue fixing it within minutes...

      You cannot expect or purchase this type of service/dedication to clients from anyone else. I was deeply saddened by the announcement that you would close come April...

      Thanks for your dedication to me, my clan, and the community over the years.