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Ubisoft is hiring UT mod talent!!

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    Ubisoft is hiring UT mod talent!!

    Suffice to say that there are a lot of different opportunities at UbiSoft Montreal.

    I just visited their offices. The teams are working on some really exciting projects for the next generation of consoles in new (I can't tell you about them yet!) and existing product lines (FarCry, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell).

    From what I've heard, I think that it would be unusual to not be able to find some position that's interesting and appealing to the right talented individual. They're looking to build a few new teams for new projects as well!

    Here are the positions that I know about:

    Artists (several junior positions)
    Level Designers (with Unreal experience)
    Animators (3DSMax)
    3D Modellers (any)
    Creative Director (several position)
    Lead Artist (Several position)
    Animator who can do Animals!
    Lead Game Designers
    AI programmers
    Programmers for Networking and Physics

    That's a good spread of opportunities and there's more each day.

    Let me know if you want an introduction to the right people and on the right team. I'd be happy to make it happen!

    hello Ubisoft employee


      woW thees ar teh ppl who maed Ray-Mann???

      Or Farcry, whichever.

      Sounds great, I'd apply if I lived in Canada, had any of the skills required, and didn't work at a chicken factory.


        [Homer]Mmmmm chicken...[/Homer]