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    Well you just made my point :haha:

    Helps your close control (I did it myself back in the day ) but it's not much use for practicing crossing for example since it's a lot easier to get under a football and the mass is too different.


      AVRIL-Arena == teh r0x0rs!!1


        Originally posted by Ickle
        Well i don't see how it can really effect nw play if you use insta to practise. AFAIK you won't take more than 2 consecutive shots with the LG in a game anyway.
        Because in instagib, movement plays a completely different role. It's no use being able to hit half your LG shots if it means people will be shredding you with the minigun and blowing you up with the RL and flak all the time.
        A large part of being effective with the LG is knowing when to use it, or at least knowing how to stay alive long enough to kill your opponent. (which is pretty long if you're using the LG)


          It's also worth playing not just with normal weapons but also against them. You'll never be dodging a Super Shock Rifle in normal play, but it's important to get used to the lag between LG shots (for example) and time your movement accordingly.

          Playing IG will help hone your hitscan aim, as long as you don't "spam" the Super Shock by holding down the fire button, and IG may even help your projectile aim a bit (though I still think that's a totally different ball of wax) - but it won't really help you dodge normal weapons, even hitscan weapons like the LG. It might be useful for some things, in other words, but it's not the be all and end all.

          EDIT: Lol @ Avril Arena.