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    Originally posted by GinGT
    Which crosshair would you recommend to a newbie??
    Whichever one you like the best


      Is there any way to bind a keypress to a change of crosshair?

      I tend to use a bright-green or bright pink dot which work fine in dark maps - but on something like KillBillyBarn I can hardly see it and would like to change it without wasting half the map fumbling round the menus!



        I'd just use a crosshair with a border, two oposing colors, dark/light, that way you can see it over any surface


          Would love to have the L crosshairs with a black border ..Hint hint ..


            Originally posted by [NBS]Flak
            Kel's crosshair pack has a few just like that, at my request lol. It's the one I've always used since the bio crosshairs came out for UT.


            L1s and L2s
            Yup, that is now a great package. I finally have a usable DOT.

            I wish UT2k4 was easier to import custom xhiars. You should just be able to bring it into a .utx file, etc. but now they have to complile it and need a UC file or some **** like that. Geez, it was easier to bring my face onto a model and save it for play.



              I use a black dot with a yellow border for all my weapons. The black allows me to see it when I am looking at something bright and the yellow allows me to see in dark areas. Very useful.


                Originally posted by Magwa
                Would love to have the L crosshairs with a black border ..Hint hint ..
                We'll see for v9(or maybe even a 8.5)


                  i use the white and black little dot in kel's

                  for all weapons
                  hidden weapon
                  only top hud (ctf score and time)

                  i see alot and its freakin great