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[OT] HL2: Real life Alyx

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    i can safely say i ddint enjoy any of the game -> movie movies. FF was neat to watch.

    Event horizon was good until 1/2 through.... it was like the fired the director, and then hired the Hellraiser in space director.

    "aahhhhhhhh I have no eyes! ahhhhhhhh" Last hour of that movie provided 0 enterainment or any enjoyment for me. I thought they had a great chance to be really creative with cleaning up th ending. Instead i get "im scarry and evil ill kill you...." the whole wife thing was pretty lame. It reminded me of my feelings when i saw blade, lots of hype about the "blood god" and what do we get.... a kid with "red eyes"....

    just my opinion i felt short changed by both those movies.


      One word:



        Event Horizon was great and is a classic, all the other game-to-movies here sucked major elephant balls.


          HAHA, I'll elaborate on what packet loss said:

          Pug Fugly.


            I enjoy(ed) a lot of these movie. Then again, I tend to have fun at movies other people find disappointing. My secret is I never (OK, rarely) watch a movie with prejudged assumptions. I either think a movie will suck, or I don't really think about it. I always hope it's good, but I never get my hopes up; thus I am always (almost always) pleasantly surprised by the movie.

            I loved:

            Super Mario Bros.
            Final Fantasy the Spirits Within (I wasn't expecting anything more than graphics anyway...)
            Mortal Kombat (made me want to take up martial arts at the time)
            Street Fighter (I thought it was fun for some reason, but I don't remember most of it)
            Tomb Raider (I thought it would be absolute ****; thus, when I did see it I was totally blown away by its high level of mediocrity!!)

            Use my secret and you will never be disappointed again.


              Spirits within was cool (had nothing to do with FF so it desnt need that part of the name.... Marketting scheme only.)

              Mortal Kombat was pretty cool, dunno about 2 though....

              Resident Evil was a good movie, but as far as i care is was pure ****, it didnt follow the game story at all, and the game story is awsome so far.... They should have let capcom right a good story taht had something to do with the games instead of making a crappy dumbed down movie story.

              I think a hl movie would be cool, getting ahead of yourselves with a hl2 movie....


                Re: [OT] HL2: Real life Alyx

                Originally posted by Dufusyte

                Sign her up for the movie.
                nah ....


                  Re: Re: I have to agree with your list with one exception..

                  Originally posted by X0n3r0g
                  Resident Evil is great and the trailer for the next installment is genius . Final Fantasy was a technical achievement and that was it's major problem. Sony couldn't see the story past the eye candy.
                  Yeah, it would have been real nice to have a movie actually based on one of the games (final fantasy).


                    Originally posted by Dreaz
                    Alien vs Predator is coming,.. finally


                    same director as Resident Evil