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    You might've gotten an unlucky one with bad locked pipelines, etc.

    It's still a risk, but either way the 9800 SE should easily outperform the 6200 without taking a look back even at stock. You don't really need to unlock it though.

    Besides, in most games that utilize SM3.0 the 6200 would probably get sub-20's in FPS.

    Don't get so angry because you had a 9200 SE that performed like **** either way. :noob:


      I'll say it once more. NEVER get the SE cards.


        If you want a little system as a second system, (not for gaming), i suggest the Mac mini aswell

        Now, if you want a quick system, eMachines' high end system, is about $600, all you need in it is a better video card and a ram upgrade maybe.


          I've got a nice system that I could part with for a reasonable price. It's a Barton 3200+ with an Aerocool dualfan heatpipe, GA-7N400 Pro2 mobo, 1GB of Mushkin Blue ram, 120 GB SATA HDD, Radeon 9600 XT, 48X CDRW, and Audigy LS all wrapped up in a nice looking windowed case, replete with lots of lighted fans, etc...

          If anyone is interested, PM me.



            I bid $1 BOB


              Originally posted by Spaz007
              I bid $1 BOB
              LOL. Make it $2 so my feelings aren't hurt.


                Originally posted by Crotale
                LOL. Make it $2 so my feelings aren't hurt.
                I think everyone else will over bid, **** it!


                  489X CDRW
                  omfg :up:


                    here's what i had so far:

                    Case: COOLER MASTER Cavalier 3 Black ATX Mid-Tower Case With 350W Power Supply, Model "CAV-T03-UKA" -RETAIL

                    mothebroard CHAINTECH NVIDIA nForce4 Chipset Motherboard For AMD Socket 939 CPU, Model "VNF4" -RETAIL

                    CPUAMD Athlon 64 2800+, 512KB L2 Cache, 64-bit Processor - Retail

                    video card
                    Leadtek nVIDIA GeForce 6600 Video Card, 128MB DDR, 128-Bit, DVI/HDTV-Out, PCI-Express, Model"PX6600 TD" -RETAIL

                    RAM: Corsair Value Select (Dual Pack) 184 Pin 512MBx2 DDR PC-3200 - OEM

                    DVD : NEC 16X Double Layer DVD±RW Drive, Black, Model ND-3520A BK, OEM

                    160gb western digital hard drive
                    $40 (best buy rebate bullcrap)

                    that would take me to $585. and i'm pretty sure i could shave off a few more dollars. watcha guys think?

                    ::EDIT::: fixed url tags, and rechecked the links. turns out the memory hit a price drop. now the total is $585.


                      Originally posted by ThePerfectCore
                      omfg :up:
                      Oops, typo!

                      chimbaktu, the "links" to your components is actually one big link. You might wanna edit that.


                        taken care. i noticed that whenever the page refreshed. darn url tags and their ninja like vanishing.


                          actually, with a 6600 i was thinking about going with this quantum case for $110 with this thermaltake 480W PSU. that would add about $100 to the total. but i strong PSU and durable case with good airflow would be worth it.


                            haha geta 6200 and softmod it to 6600 and oc it.


                              Get this for your RAM

                              $99 for a GB of RAM


                                best thread this month.....

                                keep it coming you geniuses!!!!
                                I dont work for Epic, but I get paid like i do!