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    Nothing worse than turning a corner, and seeing someone with their back to you, so i start gunning them down with the minigun. As soon as they notice they are being hit, they fire the redeemer at whatever direction they happen to be facing at the time - usually killing us both.

    Sad thing is that it was probablythe only kill that person got in the match, and im usually one kill away from wicked sick at the time


      Best way to go...

      Dual assault


        I have to go with Stroker on that one definately a good way to go :up:


          For me it would be the gloopy

          EDIT: I wanna get "dual assaulted." :cry: :up:


            Getting SS-naded. I shouldn't have shown it to my clan members. :bulb:
            Now as soon as I get the flag in Citadel:
            ******* ******* *******......... *CHUNK*.............. *WHAM*!!
            Really Really Really annoying.

            Reflecting shots back at people and killing them with it is fun.

            But the most anger inducing way to go involves the shield gun and the ion cannon.


              Being gibbed in the back by someone you didn't chase on principle.

              Repeatedly being n00bed by a striding/camping "Gorge" on the way out of the enemy base:up:


                By being hit by your own reflected lightning...


                  Originally posted by Stealthy C
                  Being telefragged pretty much gets me mad.


                    i was once killed by someone jumping onto my head.


                      Originally posted by Juggernaut
                      Craters... hmm ye, definately craters.... mye..
                      ^^I'm with goober^^

                      Craters are the worst imo.


                        Ok, here are deaths I hate:

                        1)Loading up some rockets, losing track of where you are in the loading process, and then winding up with them launching directly into the wall or a pillar($*#! pillars) right in front of you.

                        2)Jumping or dodging, and getting hit by the shock rifle while in flight, which launches you into oblivion.

                        3)Dodging RIGHT INTO A %#@! ROCKET!

                        4) 'Nades are annoying, I can't always keep track of where they bounce, and sometimes wander onto MY OWN grenades.

                        5)Spraying goo all over the place, and then in order to dodge incoming fire, accidentally stepping into it.

                        6)Launching flak secondary over the heads of teammates, only to have them wander RIGHT INTO the path of a shell, and KILLING YOU, while your teammate survives.

                        7) Sometimes a rocket blast will throw you just far enough to land you into lava or something.

                        8) I love static meshes, but how often do you accidentally get snagged at inopportune times? PARALIZED, FRANTICLY MASHING KEYS, AND FIRING WITH DESPAIR, YOU DIE!!! Sound familiar?

                        9)Invasion - I hate trying to fight off a mass of Skaarj, or other "tougher" opponents, and forgetting to kill off the stupid little crawling things which subsequently kill me, I mean, $#%!, wimpy little thing KILLED me?

                        10)Hitting a launchpad at a wonky angle, and missing the landing, with too little health to survive.


                          I hate the goo gun.

                          There seems to be a part of my brain that refuses to function when someone is blasting blobs of goo my way and they always get me.

                          I also hate the fact that the only person I ever kill with it is me!


                            Raptor's Peeves

                            I picked telefragging. I can't think of a time when getting telefragged doesn't suck. I especially dislike people who camp the enemy tower on Citadel and wait for someone to come through, then telefrag them on the tower before they can get a shot off. :down:

                            As far as cratering goes, sometimes it's irritating, sometimes not. The one time when cratering just makes me angry, though, is when I'm playing DM-Plunge, and one or two [EXPLETIVE DELETED]s who would never use the shock rifle normally suddenly make it their favorite weapon so they can try to push you into space with it as you traverse between platforms. That's just ghey, IMO. Almost as ghey as people that launch Redeemers into enemy spawn rooms on BR-Anubis right before the match starts so that half the enemy team gets annihilated as they spawn. Now that is ghey.


                              crushed =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
                              el oh el I crushed a guy in a 1v1 the other day. He got 3 or 4 kills on me after that cuz I was on my floor laughing so hard.



                                Re: Worst way to go.

                                Originally posted by Fuzzlebunny
                                What do you think is the worst way to die in ut2k3?
                                Personally I think it's being translocated, since it's often just by accident and pays no respect to your amount of health or armor.
                                Personally I think it's being hit by a redeemer or hit with the ion cannon, since it's often just by accident and pays no respect to your amount of health or armor.

                                Telefrag kills require some degree of skill if your victim is actually paying attention.

                                The worst way to go is actually right after you spawn. Your practically defenseless since your opponent can be fully armored, have a full load of weapons and probably a surprise attack as you:

                                a) Put up shield and try and escape.
                                b) Toss grenades as you try to escape.
                                c) shoot bb's at the him as you try to escape.
                                d)get fragged because your one weapon doesn't have the flexibilty of your opponents multiple weapons(weapon switching).
                                e) all of the above.

                                Basically the worst way to die is when you can't defend yourself.