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FavUT 1.1 UT2004 mIRC Script / UPDATE Favut 1.2 beta1 (beta testers welcome)

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    FavUT 1.1 UT2004 mIRC Script / UPDATE Favut 1.2 beta1 (beta testers welcome)

    Hi folks !

    I changed my screenshot to put Favut 1.2 beta 1 ones :

    If you havent UT2004 or mIRC, you can skip that post. If you have both, I really advice you to read it (or look at screenshots at least)

    Favut 1.1b :

    Favut 1.2beta1 :

    Look further to see improvement / conditions

    Here is the new version of FavUT 1.1 !
    This mIRC script dedicated to UT2004 is mainly a servers, buddies and demos query script / manager.
    But it has also a lot of powerful, intuitive (and useful !) features which aren't provided in most game browsers (Gamespy, AllSeeingEyes, Xfire,...) and general scripts (NoNameScript...)
    So if you have one of those previous tools, don't leave yet :P
    This script is obviously fully compatible with NoNameScript though it doesnt require it.

    For those who had already previous version, this one is REALLY going further. Here are the new features :

    - Demo manager
    - display Size, Date, Map, POV of a demo
    - rename / smart rename / DCC the demo easily
    - watch it with your usual ingame ut2004.ini or a special movie.ini
    - display all used packages, missing packages or extra packages (those which arent with UT2004 + Bonus pack)
    So you know which package you have to download (missing) or join to a demo before uploading it (extra)

    - Unreal Engine Query protocole is now supported
    - display spectators & full rules (only available in this protocole)
    - 100% of servers supported (against 95% in previous version with only Gamespy protocole)
    - both protocoles are used to give the most up to date information :
    FavUT display has better refresh rate than UT2004 ingame browser itself !!!
    It allows you to automatically join a game on a full server even before players waiting in the ingame server browser noticed a room is free !!!
    Favut browser better than UT2004 browser's itself ...

    - Whole new interface
    - resizable windows (thanks to dialog.MDX)
    - Ingame nick and server passwords can be edited just before launching game (that allows you skipping the annoying nick edition in option)
    - display ISP and country of the server
    - paste on mIRC every information about server and players on it
    - paste true teams' score when UTcomp is available or a "Sum score" (sum of every player score) when unavailable to still give an idea of leading team
    - resolve host server to find IP
    - "console" commands

    And last but not least :

    - Buddy querying (disabled by default => look at readme to know and understand how to enable it)
    - query your whole buddy list and display servers exactly as UT2004 does
    - query a single buddy by double clicking on him and limit the number of answers !
    - query for once a single buddy without adding him to your buddy list thanks to console command (/favut -b tempbuddy)
    - add / remove / rename buddy easily
    (an advanced buddy manager with mIRC interaction is under construction)

    A few others "ownage" features are on the road.
    I will prolly use VIEWS.MDX in next version to improve visual aspect and enhance existing features.
    I am waiting for comments, suggestions (and greetings)

    If you have any doubt about that script which is wise and understandable, just wait for backup information about my script/me.
    Please do not accept modified version or get it from an untrustee mirror.
    I will edit that post to add every "trustee" mirror with original unmodified Favut script.

    Thank you for reading that. If you still dont plan to give a try to FavUT coze you already have the best ownage game browser or the lastest version of NNS script..
    Let's say it is the same as players thinking that no better FPS than CS 1.6 may exist :
    You can't blame them for loving CS but you can blame them for not having tried anything else !

    To install it, type "/load -rs favut.mrc" (without quotes :P ) in any mIRC window
    To uninstall it, type "/unload -rs favut.mrc" in any mIRC window
    Even for very slow typer it must spend ... hmmm.... around 20 seconds ?
    Having no time isn't a good excuse !

    Be like JCV ! Be AWARE !



    Only "trustee" mirror to download it atm :

    favut 1.1b :
    (download link at bottom of the page )

    Thanx for pimpin' our channel in the info window



      Some nice work SkorpSSS!!! I am a favourite user



        Aboslutly Excellent :up:

        Ill be telling my [ME]'ers to use this


          Been using that for some time now ... really cool :up:

          Everyone should give it a try

          edit: Buddy manager is a MUST. I can check if my virtual friends are playing without launching the game


            OMG, SkorpSSS you are my hero.

            Using this since beta, thanks for adding the buddy feature. :up:


              Very nice script, I like it very much, used the previous version as well.



                Looks impresive


                  Cool, gotta upgrade FavUT!


                    Thx skorpSSS it has saved my day many times as i have had problems with ut and kerio nice way to skip the join button... this is now better than ever


                      That is sweet
                      Nice Job works great

                      i like it


                        A big yes for the best script ever. I have no idea how to IRC and UT2004 without it nowadays.

                        And I don't understand how anybody can without it


                          I love the new version and its many new features...

                          There just isnt enough you can say about this lil mirc addon. He truely made something unreal
                          I cant even count how much i use this. Its got benefits for all types of players.

                          now instead of spammy irc bots you can track score... post to channel. I just cant imagine not having it. Its as much a part of my UT as x-loc is.

                          This gets my award for truely original, well thought out, amgroflbbq, bext ut addon.

                          If you use mirc and play UT then this is a must have addon. Easy to understand interface. click double click brings up everything.
                          When it first came out i was shocked...
                          I had waited since day one that i bought the game for something like this... click, see buddies playing and click again wham.. i joined the game. AWSOME!!!!!!!!

                          Thx again man for allowing me to test it.




                            Nothing left to say...


                              How is everyone liking this?

                              I'm worried about getting another script I never use. Any user feedback?